US Nationals 2017 fashion review: pairs short program

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Yesterday’s night I spent watching US Nationals and some practices from Canadian Nationals, so now I’m a mess, I want a lot of coffe and dream about my bed) That’s why the only thing I can discuss right now is fashion. Fashion I can discuss in any state and mood)

Here’s my selection of best costumes from pairs short program at US Nationals 2017:

Chelsea Liu / Brian Johnson

Chelsea Liu Brian Johnson

I like jumpsuits for girls in pair skating. Especially when they are thin and have long legs) I think jumpsuits highlight the impressiveness of this discipline, its difficulty and parallelism. Chelsea definitely can afford to wear such costume with an open back and a halter-neck design of the top. She looked stylish. Their costumes are matched together by golden pasting, not overdone, but I wish this finishing had a more expensive look.

Ashley Cain / Timothy LeDuc

Ashley Cain Timothy LeDuc

Another brave girl who chose a jumpsuit! I think it was a successful change / re-sewing of costume. She added some spice into her look. The program only benefited from this change. I like the design of the top with this “belts”, but you have to be careful with geometric patterns and watch the proportion. I think the neckline is too wide that made her torso look bigger. This is my only negative remark about this costumes.

Ashley Cain Timothy LeDuc

Both costumes look very stylish and hot, especially I like them from the back side. Great example how one little detail can make a male costume look interesting.  Oh, I forgot to mention, that Ashley had a great make-up! It’s also important!

Marissa Castelli / Mervin Tran

Marissa Castelli Mervin Tran

Marissa is one of the brightest and most stylish girls in the national team! Her dresses are always great and fabulous. I like the blue color, it always has an expensive look on the ice, I like the asymmetric design. I like that you can see asymmetry in both costumes. By the way Mervin looks amazing and his trousers are well fitted. I like that they both have translucent sleeves. Mervin wins in nomination “best male costume among pair skaters”.

But why I have a suspicion that Marissa and Ashley Wagner couldn’t decide who gets the dress they both like? You know, as it usually happens between friends who do shopping together. So both decided to take it))

Tarah Kayne / Daniel O’Shea   

Tarah Kayne / Danny O'Shea

Since last season I have started to pay attention at costumes of this pair. They usually have some interesting ideas and definitely have a sense of style. Last season their costumes for this short program were nice but too classical for a modern program. So I really like this costume change! Simple, laconic and stylish.

I like that they were brave enough to choose something unusual. And I can call brown color as something unusual for figure skating costumes. I don’t know why skaters so rarely use it! This chocolate shade suits them a lot. Daniel’s sweater looks ready to wear but still gives an impression of the costume. I like the simple cut of Tarah’s dress, it gives an opportunity to appreciate the color) Of course Tarah is in such a great shape that almost everything will look stunning on her, but it doesn’t change the fact that dress is great and I’d like to have something similar in my wardrobe)

Oh and someone please burn Joshua Santillan‘s costume…….it’s a disaster


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3 Responses to “US Nationals 2017 fashion review: pairs short program”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    The black jumpsuit has become the trend of the year! Chelsea Liu, Ashley Cain, Meagan Duhamel, Ksenia Stolbova…and Alexa Scimeca-Knierim had one last year!

    I think Ashley Cain looked really good, but I agree the neck was a little wide. From my amateur costume designing, I’ve learned that sometimes a wide neckline can make the waist look smaller, but if you make it too wide, the lady looks top-heavy. Overall though, it’s a good look for her and I love her makeup too.

    Marissa and Mervin’s matching sleeve costumes are awesome. I agree she looks like she’s wearing the same dress as Ashley Wagner but it’s a good dress so I’m not complaining. My only protest is that the music reminds me of a paso doble, so I picture red or black costumes.

    Tarah Kayne’s dress is sultry and unique without being overdone. Neither costume is extremely memorable for me, but they look tasteful and nice.

    I’d like to add that I like Haven Denney’s red dress.

    Joshua Santillan’s costume looks like Maxim Kovtun’s FP one from last year!

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