US Nationals 2017 fashion review: ladies short program

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Today’s fashion minute is dedicated to ladies short program at US National Championships 2017. In this section of my blog I don’t care how good or bad you skated, fashion is the only thing that matters)

So here’s my list of best dresses:

Livvy Shilling

Unfortunately I haven’t found good photos of her from Nationals( So here’s video and it’s possible to see the dress from all sides)

As I said before, if you want to read some pleasant comments about your costumes on Fs-gossips, wear something vinous) Fs-gossips keeps promises. Ok, I’m just kidding. This dress is really very nice and would have got into my chart even if it had been black/blue/green or of any other adequate shade. I like that there’s almost no finishing, so we can appreciate the beauty of color, fabric and lines. I also liked the cuffs,  we don’t see many cuffs now in figure skating dresses. Cuffs can highlight the work of your arms, don’t forget about that. The back reminds me of Gracie Gold’s dress for OG14 but who said that you can’t use some great ideas for your own costumes?

Tessa Hong

When you’re so young and fresh don’t hide behind tons of finishing and sequins. Because any finishing won’t be more charming than your own natural beauty. That’s why I really liked Tessa’s choice of the dress. Simple white dress, with delicate tiny finishing on the bodice, it only highlighted her youth, tenderness and purity.

Bradie Tennell

Bradie Tennell

I remember this dress from last season, so I guess she kept her program) This dress also reminds me of Gracie Gold’s dresses and Brad Griffies‘ designs. Lovely elegant dress for a young lady. But I wish she would follow Graсie’s example not only in dresses but also in approach to hairstyle and make up. Bradie, you’re such a beautiful girl, you have everything to look like a star, so make it happen!

Mariah Bell

Mariah Bell

I have already discussed this dress here. Lovely, playful dress! In “white dress” trend of this season) I love how her skirt is moving in tact with music! That’s exactly what such programs need, it really helps to create the dancing mood. This time she had a nice hair accessory, but still I wish she went with a complete hairdo in the style of 20-30th.

Gracie Gold

Gracie Gold

First of all I love the absence of red and black color combination for a tango dress) Ah and no rose in her hair! Great start) The dress is hot but despite plunging neck line it doesn’t  look vulgar. As always Gracie was attentive to details, like hairstyle, makeup and jewelry. Of course you’re going to ask why such great dress and attentive to details look not at the top of my ranking. Well, the dress is cool, but it’s not for Gracie’s body type.

Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner

Fabulous, sexy, sparkling dress! Dress for a super-confident girl. I love everything about this dress! Everything except two things) First: I don’t really like bright blue underlayer, it looks like part from some other dress. Just remove it and make this underlayer of the same color. Second: every time Ashley and Marissa compete at the same competition I start to think whose idea was first and who borrowed it)

Mirai Nagasu

Mirai Nagasu

Fabulous dress! You know I’m not a fan of much of finishing, because it usually costs a lot, but look cheap and tasteless. This one is just stunning, made with lots of taste and has an expensive look.  Love the dark purple shade! Oh and the nude illusion mesh is absolutely invisible! The dress for a queen! But I still dream of a beautiful hairdo for Mirai.

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5 Responses to “US Nationals 2017 fashion review: ladies short program”

  1. Sheila says:

    I loved Courtney hicks dress. So beautiful.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Love Mariahs dress and Ashley also looks great!

  3. Mad for Skating says:

    Yes, the dress isn’t the problem. Gracie just isn’t that kind of girl. If you put one of the aforementioned other ladies in that dress, it would be good Mr. and Mrs. Smith Assassin’s Tango. Gracie is like a princess, not a killer (Which isn’t a bad thing but this is really not the program for her).

    Thank god, no fashion disasters! It’s a relief to see a good-looking bunch!

  4. Mad for Skating says:

    I love anything deep red, and Livvy’s dress is really classy! Good job!

    When I was watching Tessa Hong I immediately thought “I will have to talk to FS-Gossips about how pretty that dress is!” She looks like an angel. And I actually don’t mind her over-the-boot tights.

    Bradie’s whole packaging is very Gracie to me, but in a good way. The dress is very nice, a great bright color!

    I just adore Mariah’s dress, it’s something I need in my closet. If only I could pull it off like she does :)

    Gracie’s dress is really a great concept. And her makeup is just flawless. But I feel like she doesn’t fit the part of the wicked assassin woman. When you say Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I think of Alexa and Chris Knierim, or Stolbova and Klimov, or better yet – Ashley Wagner. A hot girl with flair. Just an observation…

    While watching Ashley’s program I kept wondering why they added the bright blue underskirt. For me the dress is very daring…like it looks good on Ashley but I sure as heck wouldn’t have the courage to wear it! But the sequins are high quality and don’t cheapen the look, and at least Ashley and Marissa both look good. And I’m sure this costume is the favorite among the male skating audience :)

    I adore Mirai’s dress. At first I thought the finishing would be flashy but it’s very beautiful! She looks like a queen indeed and I want to know where she gets that illusion mesh from so I can help the other skaters fix their mesh problems.

    Overall this was a well-dressed group! Love it!

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Gracie’s dress is really a great concept. And her makeup is just flawless. But I feel like she doesn’t fit the part of the wicked assassin woman”
      Well it’s rather about mindset than the dress. Unfortunately. Because there’s nothing much easier than just to change the dress. I knew that the SP won’t be good. When camera took a close-up at her starting pose, there was absolutely no fire in her eyes(

      Yes, you’re right, all girls were well dressed. No fashion disasters)

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