“Tutberidze has never wanted to stay in the USA. I’m more than sure that she isn’t going anywhere from Russia. At least for now.” Zhulin, Laishev and others

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When Tutberidze will return from the US to Russia? Comments from Zhulin, Laishev and others.

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Tutberidze left for the United States, where her daughter Diana Davis lives and trains, this spring.

Sambo-70 president Renat Laishev: There is no exact date when Eteri Georgievna returns, but we are waiting for her in the near future. Now it’s time for vacations, so it’s okay that she’s not here yet.

Now there’s such a situation, everyone is worried … She has never had the mood to leave the country and change her place of work, she has proved long ago that she is an amazing Russian coach.

I don’t and didn’t have the feeling that she could move.

source: matchtv.ru

Alexander Zhulin: As far as I understand, Tutberidze has never wanted to stay in the USA. It’s just that her daughter trains there. She wanted to spend time with her.

She also has a great relationship with the mayor of Moscow [Sergey Sobyanin]. I am more than sure that she is not going anywhere from Russia. At least for now.

source: gazeta.ru

Irina Rodnina: No need to worry that Tutberidze will leave. She visits her daughter every summer in the USA. And there is no need to rush anywhere. These conversations have no point.

source: sport-express.ru

Katarina Gerboldt (former skater): It seems to me that this is a question for Tutberidze, where it would be better for her to work. I don’t know where is better.

But, given the ambitions of Tutberidze, we can say that athletes are better in Russia.

source: gazeta.ru


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