“Tutberidze can’t refuse to work with Valieva, because in this case, the blame for everything that happened to the athlete will fall on the coach.” Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya about prospects of Kamila Valieva to continue her sports career

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Russian journalist Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya about prospects of Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaia, Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valieva. This is part 4, about Kamila Valieva.

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In her group on Telegram Vaitsekhovskaya explained why she thinks that the “Olympic” generation of Russian female single skaters can gradually move into the category of the second echelon.

Translation of the part about Anna Shcherbakova is here: “It’s possible that Sherbakova’s injury is a consequence of prerotations and underrotations.”

Translation of the part about Alena Kostornaia is here: “Alena already had experience of not getting to the Olympics and managed to understand that people don’t die because of this.”

Translation of the part about Allexandra Trusova is here: “Trusova returned to Khrustalny on her own terms. They tolerated her, difficult character is difficult character, but five quads are five quads. But will they tolerate now?”

Elena Vaitsekhovskaya: I’ll be Captain Evidence and say that Kamila Valieva is the most dramatic figure of the Olympic season. If she, after two absolutely amazing performances in Beijing, had won an individual event, the Games would have turned into a drama for someone else (and such a victory would certainly have overshadowed Trusova’s five quads), and Kamila herself would have become a heroine and a legend.

But she didn’t win. And all the current remarks that she is an Olympic champion even without a personal victory, this is such a premature and rather insidious game: the title, until the final verdict, seems to be hanging on a thread that can break at any moment. And Kamila herself will not be to blame for this at all, despite any voiced versions – my personal opinion.

That is why I really want her to stay. To skate until the next Games and skate great. She has everything for this, and I didn’t exaggerate at all, saying that no other skater in the world has such arms, such legs, muscle strength, sharpness, eyes, intelligence, expressiveness … Valieva in this regard is like a chest, filled with untold riches. The lid was opened and everyone was breathless.

But the current Valieva is also a big quest for her own coach. She grew up and matured a lot (after everything experienced). It seems to me that it will no longer be possible to drive her into the standard framework of the principles adopted in the school. They would have to reckon with her.

In other words, it is on this material that Eteri Tutberidze will have to prove that she can work long term with adult accomplished athletes. This is the most difficult task.

It is impossible to refuse to work with Valieva, no matter how much she has grown and lost her previous skills, if this suddenly happens during the offseason. Because in this case, the blame for everything that happened to the athlete in the view of so many people will fall on the coach. Both for doping, and for two programs in the team event, and for many other things.

It seems to me that Tutberidze understands all this much better than anyone else: regarding the profession and all its nuances, she is a genius (I probably won’t mention the word “criminal”, launched into use by Dave Lease). After all, five years ago, she herself said a great phrase:

“I always tell athletes: each of you has different pencils. And you need to draw with the colors that you have.”

Well, then – it’s time to recall Bulat Okudzhava:

“Keep drawing, keep drawing, you will be credited…”


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