“Trusova needs to understand that she needs to move towards art.” Ekaterina Bobrova about the prospects of Alexandra Trusova

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Ekaterina Bobrova shared her opinion about the prospects of Alexandra Trusova.

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Ekaterina Bobrova: When Sasha was our quad champion, five quads, she had this task in her head. Indeed, it would have bothered her very much in her life if she had not done this. But she did it. At the Olympics. The question “won or didn’t won” this upsets her.

Judging by the trend that she was constantly trying to jump these five quads, she had another task in her head: “I will jump five quads and win the Olympics.” And it should have been: “I want to win the Olympics.” Or: “I want to jump five quads.” There would be slightly different tasks in such case. She went closer to five quads, did it – bravo. But you can’t go further like this.

Well you have this “check” – leave it, you did it, went down in history. Then go and develop in other things: develop choreography, develop skating.

I don’t know if she will be able to restore her quads now or not. It seems to me that this will be like a meme now. But be like Valieva. Skate so that even girls with three quads can’t beat you.

Of course, it will be difficult for Sasha to do this, there is no other like Kamila Valieva and it is not clear when it will be. She needs to understand that she needs to move towards art.


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3 Responses to ““Trusova needs to understand that she needs to move towards art.” Ekaterina Bobrova about the prospects of Alexandra Trusova”

  1. Jacko Man says:

    Laishev and TT should stop placing giant posters of their champions in the rink and the corridors. It is so insulting and plain rude. Nobody sacrifice their childhood and teenage freedom only to come second, third or empty handed.

  2. Jana says:

    Life goes on after the Olympics. Her one dream was crushed, despite achieving a series of miracles, previously unheard of. Let her just skate and enjoy. Works for Mark, maybe it will for her, too. Who knows. Her most remarkable victories may be waiting around the corner – or not. Either way, she made history and owes no explanations to anyone.

  3. ioanykie says:

    Well it’s not that simple either… I’m sure she’s figuring it out by herself what she needs to do, people don’t need to repeat to her all day that she could have done it differently if she wanted to win the Olympics. She did everything she could.

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