Tracy Wilson: “Evgenia Medvedeva is inspiring. She finished sports only because of COVID and we lost where she could have brought our sport to”

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Tracy Wilson for Russian media about the Olympics, team event, Jason Brown and Evgenia Medvedeva.

Evgenia Medvedeva has not been able to fully realize her potential due to the coronavirus pandemic, such opinion was expressed by Canadian coach Tracy Wilson.

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source: dd. 31st January 2021 by Vlad Zhukov

How are you, Tracy? Do you feel that the Olympics are here?

Tracy Wilson: I feel that I’m here and the Olympics are here! This is such a challenge for all athletes. We are all in great anticipation here, especially when we are in the Olympic arena (the interview was given in the stands of Capital Indoor Stadium) and look at such great skaters. I’m very encouraged.

How is Jason Brown? Is he healthy, is everything okay?

Tracy Wilson: Jason feels great! He, is here too and also charged with these emotions. He is in very good shape. He’s fine (gives two thumbs up).

Is this the strangest Olympic Games in your career?

Tracy Wilson: Absolutely. I have never been so nervous! There are so many tests… It’s a big challenge. I find this situation extra stressful for the athletes in addition to the stress they would have had without it. I want to tell them: “My respect, guys.” They have to adapt to what is happening, and this is impressive.

Don’t you think that with all these tests there can be some kind of, well, manipulation …

Tracy Wilson: Exactly. It seems to me that people can just have some kind of philosophy. And it can relate to anything. Manipulation here, manipulation there… You can’t look behind the scenes and see if it’s true or not. Here’s what I’m talking about – they just do it the way they used to. And I’m grateful to them (the Chinese side) that we have at least such an opportunity to be here and perform.

Well, let’s move on to the “team event”. USA vs Russia.

Tracy Wilson: Exactly! Whoa whoa, yeah! (laughs). AND?

What do you expect from this confrontation?

Tracy Wilson: It’s so much fun! And for skaters – athletes who compete in individual disciplines – to push back personal ambitions and join the team. As for expectations, I don’t know, to be honest. We just have to go and skate, fight for the result.

And if you aggravate it, how much percent will you give for the victory of the United States? 40 versus 60?

Tracy Wilson: Ha-ha!

Maybe 30 to 70?

Tracy Wilson: What jacket do I wear now? (Tracy is wearing Team USA official coat)

I see, 100 to 0.

Tracy Wilson: (Laughs.)

Is Jason ready to participate in the team event?

Tracy Wilson: He’s ready. And he wants to take part. But you know how strong the US men’s team is. So if the team needs him, he’s here.

You know, a Russian cannot but ask about Evgenia Medvedeva.

Tracy Wilson: Oh, Evge-e-enia! It’s great that you asked about her. I follow her, of course. She came to us and trained with us, so we had the opportunity to get to know her well. Evgenia is a special person, I think you know in Russia how special she is.

After all, I had the privilege to go with her to Russia, where I also got to know her from a new side. I think she is an amazing person for this sport. She inspires with her abilities, her transition from a teenager to a woman, her artistry and the athleticism she brings to the sport. I just can’t talk enough about Evgenia, she was fantastic in our club, she was a wonderful influence on the rest of the skaters. When she arrived, she had a sticker with the emblem of the Beijing Olympics. You know, she became very good friends with Jason…

Brian and I remain in contact with her and feel very close to Evgenia. And we admire what she is doing now.

She will come to Beijing as a journalist.

Tracy Wilson: Yes? It’s great to have her here!

Sorry, but when she became a woman (grew up), she stopped skating in sports.

Tracy Wilson: Because of covid she couldn’t skate in Canada, she came to Japan…

Do you think that was the key moment?

Tracy Wilson: Yes exactly. If you remember what she did at the Moscow Grand Prix with her Memoirs of a Geisha, that was where she was going to, what she was striving for. And she never had a chance to realize these opportunities. We talked about the future, she called both Brian and me. Until now, in Canada, not all skaters have returned to us due to anti-covid restrictions. But at that point… I think we lost where she could bring the sport. I think the reason is covid. She has not reached her full potential. She was just looking for it.


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  1. Veronica says:

    Not really! Evgenia was in her worst shape under Orser. Phisically and mentally.

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