“To be honest, I have always rooted for Nathan and looked up to him. I’m very happy that he won the Olympics.” Trusova about men’s single skating

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Alexandra Trusova about men’s single skating.

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I always followed men’s single skating. It is very interesting to look at difficult programs!

At the age of 13, I qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final. One day, immediately after our training session, there was a training session for senior men. Both Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu were there. I convinced the girls to stay and watch them practice. It was so unbelievably cool—an unforgettable experience! A huge number of quadruple jumps!

With Hanyu, we jumped the side-by-side quadruple toe loop at Skate Canada. I just approached him and offered to jump together; he immediately agreed. Yuzuru loves figure skating very much; he is a real fan of this sport. At these competitions, I was not able to watch Hanyu’s performance, but I saw his program at the exhibition gala. Usually, skaters simplify the content, but not Yuzuru Hanyu! And so he went on the ice, stood in the initial position, the music began to play, and … as soon as he turned his head, all the stands of the ice arena exploded with applause! I saw him after the skate, and it seemed to me that he was more tired than at the competitions. He left all of himself on the ice. People feel it. For this, he is loved and admired. He’s a legend.

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At the World Championships in Stockholm, I found out the men’s training schedule, chose who I wanted to watch, and went in my free time. In general, I really like to watch men’s trainings, but this time I have noted some things that can help me do as many quads. At this Worlds, women performed before men, so the next day I went to watch the men’s free program. Of course, Nathan Chen impressed with five quads. I managed to do five quads in training but, unfortunately, not in competitions.

To be honest, I have always rooted for Nathan and looked up to him. And he often said something about me in interviews. I even asked him for advice on how to jump five quads in competitions. He gave some tips.

At the exhibition gala in Stockholm, I asked our figure skating federation to let me go to a rehearsal where Chen was. And I suggested jumping a side-by-side quadruple lutz. He agreed.

I am very happy that Nathan won the Olympics. I congratulated him with great pleasure; it was a delight!

The next day after the free program, we had a gala rehearsal. We had separate groups for women and men. I approached the organizers and asked them to let me train with the men’s group. Alas, I was not allowed. I was upset and went to watch it from the stands. Everyone greeted me and called me to the ice.

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Also, after the free program at the Olympics, they showed me a video that was recorded before the skate. There, Nathan says that I am his friend and he will root only for me. I was very pleased! And at the exhibition gala, he congratulated me on the performance of the five quadruple jumps in the program at the most important competitions for any athlete.

As for our men’s skating, I always rooted for all Russians!

At the Olympics, in the team event, I was worried about Mark because I imagined what responsibility he felt. In my opinion, the biggest among all the participants: he couldn’t make any mistakes at all. I’m glad he coped. In the individual competitions, I supported all the guys! I believe that our men’s figure skating is on the rise right now. Many guys include 3-4 quadruples into the program, and competitions become even more spectacular and interesting.

It was always more interesting for me to watch men’s single skating. Many complex elements, adrenaline, and tension throughout the program. And there is always an intrigue: who will cope with emotions, endure physically, and reach the end. It fascinated me and still fascinates me!

However, recently I have been worried and rooted for only one man in figure skating. I want him to always succeed. For me, he is the best!


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4 Responses to ““To be honest, I have always rooted for Nathan and looked up to him. I’m very happy that he won the Olympics.” Trusova about men’s single skating”

  1. Jana says:

    You’re absolutely right :) Talking the girls, of course. Nathan or Yuzu dominate a universe of their own. There was a Miki Ando or Surya Bonaly before, but only Sasha started a true revolution. Before the current rules change, Sasha will have 3 kids. Her golds will be scarce because in ‘her era’ women were only allowed to jump a 3A in the short. Future generations will raise an eyebrow, just the way we do now, when talking about burning witches at a stake or similar medieval practices.

  2. SkatingFanCa says:

    I like Sasha, she is special to me, but I’m not sure “all the gold will be hers” if she is allowed to compete with men; nor do I think “she alone will be remembered, not the gold winners”. Don’t forget Nathan Chen is also the gold winner – in men single category, for multiple years. I’m happy that Sasha has rooted for Nathan.

  3. Jana says:

    This mindset is what makes Sasha so great and unique. Should she be allowed to compete under the same rules as men, all the golds would be hers. She may well end up with her back full of arrows, as most pioneers do, but in a 100 years, she alone will be remembered. Not the gold winners.

  4. Jana says:

    Should the rules be the same for women as the men, she’d have won multiple golds big time. Alas, the rules are what hey are. In a 20-years perspective, it will be pretty impossible to to understand why she lost this time. But so it is. The pioneers lie down, their backs full of arrows. Sasha’s golds seem to be all awareded post-mortum.

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