Tiffany Zahorski & Jonathan Guerreiro: new short dance [video]

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Another Zhulin’s pair Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro competed at local competition in Moscow and was brave enough to show their new dance that early (for Russian ice dancers who usually hide till the end :) ) in the season.

I expected a little more from this duo, more fire) I see a huge tape on Taffany’s knee, hope that everything is ok and it doesn’t disturb her much. The pattern sections don’t look confident and strong. But they still have time to improve it, as their first international event is Cup of Russia. So, that’s why I like the second part of the dance more. Nice step sequence – the brightest moment of their dance. However I also like the twizzles, they look interesting and beautiful! But I wish they have learnt a new lift.

I also want to point that Tiffany looks gorgeous! She’s in great shape and her hair look spectacular with black clothes. Can she wear a black dress for this dance, please?)

video by WwwTulupRu


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