Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro: We have raised the bar for ourselves

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Interview with Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro after Skate America 2018.

By Tatjana Flade for

This is your first Grand Prix medal. What do you think of your performance?

Jonathan: It seems to me that overall we performed well. As we said at the test skates, during the preparation for this season we had to face difficult situations, Tiffany had an injury that interfered with full trainings. In addition, this year we decided to show ourselves in a new way, both in short and free programs – new elements, new choreographer Christopher Dean, everything new. Of course, it wasn’t easy to combine all this, to overcome at the first competitions. But after the Grand Prix, we spoke with our coaches and agreed that in these circumstances we did great. At these competitions we fought, it’s very important for athletes to be able to fight and overcome themselves in any circumstances, no matter what happens. The only thing we scold ourselves for are two extended lifts, where we lost two points.

Tiffany: But I wouldn’t say that only John is to blame. We both made a mistake.

Jonathan: Now we will be more careful, will continue to work. But in general, of course we are pleased that we were in the prize-winners. Grand Prix in Japan is ahead. We need to be better prepared to show our programs in full beauty. According to the feedback from the specialists, they liked the programs.

Indeed, the programs are bright, you can see Christopher Dean’s style in the free dance. But you need to make a lot of effort to skate them. Tiffany, are your knee problems over?

Tiffany: After any injury you need time to recover. To recover fully you need to follow all doctor’s recommendations. I think everything will be fine.

How does this medal motivate you?

Jonathan: You know, in the past Olympic season, we participated in many big competitions. This certainly added us experience and confidence. But this start is special for us because we were able to overcome ourselves. The fact that we had such the beginning of the season, and the fact that at Skate America we had to skate two programs in 12 hours – it was difficult, but we showed ourselves with dignity.

Tiffany: At the press-conference John said well that everything we went through last season mentally and physically helped us a lot, because now we know what to do in difficult situations, how to deal with it.

Jonathan: The medal won at this Grand Prix shows where we need to go further.

Tiffany: It was only our first competitions of the season, but we know, we feel that we can do more and better.

This Grand Prix was the first competition of the season for you, other athletes participated in test skates, did some pre-season competitions.

Jonathan: This was the main difficulty for us, because we skated our programs in public for the first time. We are glad, that everything went well. But this is only the first competition and we have not fully realized yes what we feel. Although it needed a lot of effort. On the last day of competitions, we actually spent all the time at the rink. Performance, practice, gala rehearsal on the floor, on the ice, awarding ceremony and gala.

Tiffany: I didn’t even have time to go to the hotel.

You have two weeks until the next Grand Prix in Japan. What will you focus on in preparation?

Tiffany: We will work on programs to improve the levels. And in general, we need to feel everything, to understand how to distribute the energy properly in order to skate the programs on maximum.

Jonathan: When you did a lot of run-throughs of the programs and did a number of competitions, then you begin to understand where you can breathe, where to add, where you don’t have to rush, where to skate more powerfully. This is gained only by the number of competitions. The free program is so multifaceted and complex. Last season everything was easier – easier elements, transitions. And now we have raised the bar for ourselves.


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