“This is bullshit! They cannot be American skaters, they are our skaters. There can be no requests about their transfer.” Russian experts about Davis / Smolkin becoming a members of US skating clubs

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Russian experts about information that Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin will switch to US national team.

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Earlier, The Skating Lesson posted that both athletes became members of the American Figure Skating Federation.

Head of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Gorshkov: I don’t comment on bullshit.

source: gazeta ru

Director General of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Kogan: This is some nonsense! They cannot be American skaters, they are our skaters.

They are members of our team, of course, there can be no requests to the FFKR about the transfer of these athletes.

source: ria novosti

Tatiana Tarasova: You know, firstly, I’m not sure that Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin became members of the US Figure Skating Federation. We need to call the figure skating federation, because they know for sure.

After all, this is a serious matter – to move to another country and to another federation. As for the question of whether it is ethical for an athlete to switch to another country, you know, this is a profession, and everyone in their profession is looking for the best position and place for themselves, so I don’t understand why it’s impossible to move.

Davis and Smolkin stayed in the US because they are already ready to take part in competitions (it was reported that they could perform at the Challenge Cup in Ardmore, Pennsylvania September 22-25 – Sports.ru).

For young skaters, competitions start earlier. This is the first competition, so they participate in it. What’s bad about it? Let them skate there, and then come here. test skates haven’t started yet and everyone is already so worried, as if Diana and Gleb are their own children!

If they stayed for the competitions in Pennsylvania, then the figure skating federation allowed them to do so. Therefore, you should ask federation and not Davis and Smolkin.

source: rsport, sport24

Renat Laishev: It’s not confirmed, but this is their right, fate, life and choice. This is the career they are doing.

With the competition and talent that Russia has, these are modern market relations that relate to such a sport as figure skating.

They could skate for China, Kazakhstan or other countries. There is less competition to qualify to the international arena and prove yourself. And we have a lot of talent.

source: rsport

Meanwhile it became known that Davis and Smolkin won’t take part in Russian test skates, which will take place September 24, 25 in Moscow.


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