“This is a continuation of European lack of culture, lawlessness and cowardice. This gang of dumb-headed leaders is spoiling people’s lives.” Tarasova, Laishev, Zhulin and others about cancelation of Trusova’s master class in Sweden

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Tatiana Tarasova, Irina Rodnina, Renat Laishev and Yana Rudkovskaya commented on the cancelation of Alexandra Trusova’s master class in Sweeden.

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Recently has became known that Swedish Figure skating Federation called to cancel Alexandra Trusova’s master class in Stockholm and Russian journalists started their usual “bingo card” calling everyone? who still pick up their phones, to comment.

The head of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Gorshkov as always plays Jon Snow and knows nothing. ‘I am not yet aware of this situation,’ Gorshkov said.

source: rsport.ria.ru

Tatiana Tarasova: In my opinion, this decision was made by the ISU, not the Swedish federation. I think they put pressure on the Swedes.

The Swedes received a call from the international federation, saying that there should be no Russian athletes, that they would not participate in any competitions, and therefore, probably, they also can’t teach.

Rave! Initially, when it just became known about Trusova’s master class, I expected something like this from them.

source: matchtv.ru

Irina Rodnina: We do not know the conditions of the trip. Maybe it is a private person who has not received permission from the national federation. The federation may ban it.

We do not know the terms of the contract, and whether it exists. Because if a ticket is sold for something, then you need to get permission from the federation. Any event that is held even in our country, we coordinate with the regional or all-Russian federation.

I don’t even know if Trusova has permission from our federation. She is on a contract with our federation. Has she received such permission or not?

Another question that, probably, the Swedish members of the figure skating federation should or could challenge the decision. But this is none of our business. It’s called “intervention”.

source: sport-express.ru

Alexander Zhulin: I thought it was a private arrangement. What can be said here? Fools they are fools.

We will wait for the end of the special operation, when everything will fall into place.

source: tass.ru

Natalia Bestemiyanova: What’s strange here? If contracts are broken with opera singers, how are we different from them?

There is Russophobia – an absolute rejection of everything Russian. Even Dostoevsky is banned.

source: championat.com

Alexei Yagudin: To be honest, I’m not surprised. The reason lies on the surface. I have always said and will continue to say that this is no longer a sport, but a political battlefield. But Sasha Trusova is not going anywhere – she is the property of our figure skating and world skating as well – everyone understands this.

But the fact that the Swedish figure skaters, who are currently at we don’t really understand at what level, have lost the opportunity to touch the figure skating star in their verbal and training plans, this Swedish federation don’t understand. Or they understand and simply succumbed to outside pressure.

But on the other hand, maybe it’s for the best. I remember Swedish football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic being bullied in Sweden a couple of years ago. They even wrote on his house that he was a Judas.

What if Sasha would also not have the warmest welcome? I understand that the level of popularity of football and figure skating in Sweden is on different levels, but still.

Sasha is a young girl, and, obviously, even for 5-10 live haters who would meet her there with negative posters, she would not be ready. But perhaps the figure skating audience in Sweden is more adequate than the football one.

I also want to remind the Swedish Figure Skating Federation that figure skating in their country is in a deplorable state. And they didn’t think about any politics when the sons of my first coach Alexander Majorov skated for them.

source: matchtv.ru

Yana Rudkovskaya: When such things happen in relation to an 18-year-old athlete, I want to ask: “Guys, what are you doing? Sport is out of politics!

What does the 18-year-old figure skating star has to do with the political situation? What did she do that her master classes is canceled? And what did the children in Stockholm, who were waiting for Sasha Trusova, do? What did they do wrong to you? Why did you do that?

I am not aware of the commercial part – whether there should be a cancelation fee or not. I know that a lot of children were waiting for Sasha’s master class, they had to come, including from other countries. Our friends were going to Stockholm, I know that many children were supposed to come from Italy, Japan.

As a result, they again mixed sports with politics, punished their children. Sad and embarrassing. This is a very strange and unfortunate situation.

And Sasha is a strong girl, she will have a lot of master classes and shows all over the world. She is only at the beginning of her journey. We all love her very much and believe in her. You don’t have to worry about Sasha.

Our viewers and their children are lucky people, they can not only cheer for Sasha, but also see a unique athlete at our shows and the upcoming Russian Grand Prix!

source: matchtv.ru

Renat Laishev: They are just afraid of us. They know that we have a great sport and the best athletes in the world, so we should not be surprised.

This is all a continuation of European lack of culture and lawlessness. We will win anyway! The world is not without normal people, I think after a while everything will fall into place and everything will be fine.

The situation with the cancellation of Sasha Trusova’s master class in Stockholm once again emphasizes that there are reasonable and understanding people who are for the preservation of the life of Russian sports, culture, and so on, but there is lawlessness, lack of culture, cowardice, which are now manifesting everywhere.

This gang of dumb-headed leaders, which has now came in the West, is spoiling people’s lives.

Our girls proved that their skill and beauty are things for centuries. We have world, European, Olympic champions. They don’t have such, so they rage with anger.

source: matchtv.ru


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4 Responses to ““This is a continuation of European lack of culture, lawlessness and cowardice. This gang of dumb-headed leaders is spoiling people’s lives.” Tarasova, Laishev, Zhulin and others about cancelation of Trusova’s master class in Sweden”

  1. APCCY7 says:

    Well I am a Swede and my daughter was really excited about Trusovas master class. However I am not at all surprised that it got cancelled . Here in Uppsala they, earlier this spring, banned a music group from playing at an event supporting Ukraina. The reason ? They had Balalaikas in the instrument set up. Also, our big dairy product company Arla took away the sour milk Kefir from the sortiment. It was too Russian.

  2. Simone says:

    Wow, daring to ask what kids did to not deserve Trusova’s class… Look a bit east and ask yourself what those hundreds of slaughtered children did specifically to your country to be murdered by your soldiers.

  3. Dr. Vivian Bell says:

    European lack of culture and lawlessness?
    Hahahahahaha, gasp, pot meet kettle. ;)

  4. Jacko Man says:

    EeeeUwww and Ursulie von der Lying are upset bcoz Alexandra Trusova is a woman and she’s currently dating a man. She’s not a lesbian.

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