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This year was definitely a hard one for Julia Lipnitskaya. She was a shining star at Sochi Olympics and next year only 9th on the Russian Nationals. After that the figure skating resources was crowded with rumors: Lipnitskaya is going to represent another country, she’s going to change a coach, Julia is going to quit etc. So, I’m glad that all of this was only rumors.

Julia and her team was really quiet about her programs in offseason. The only thing we’ve known that Marina Zoueva is a choreographer and Julia’s sponsor is paying for the programs and trip to USA.

Eventually we had a chance to see the programs! I think it was a right decision to try a new choreographer, a famous one who can present Julia in a different way and highlight that she’s no longer that little girl in a red coat. She totally has overgrown the the image of the girl with braids.

As for me the program is great and has a huge potential! It’s different from everything that Julia has skated before and like it. I like to see that a skater tries something new and not use only one style of skating. The program is soft with such cat plastique.

“Marina has advised an American style, because I have Grand Prix in the USA and I also hope for the World Championship (in Boston), if everything will be good. it’s still very unusual. The first part is for me, but the second has just started to develop.”-  Lipnitskaya said

This program is more in Julia’s usual skating style. But the quality of the choreo is better. This program gives the possibility to show the skating skills, softness of moves and great lines. I like that both her new programs have nothing theatrical. The mood of the programs, the story and character creates only with the help of skating and choreo tools. No glance, no heart drawing, no kites. It’s a more mature program that suits new Julia. Fans continue to compare all Julia’s programs with her Schindler’s list and that is why some of them seem disappointed. But I think it’s useless. Such programs happens ones in career and masterpieces isn’t happen every year.

The most important now for Lipnitskaya is to gain the consistency, her jumps don’t look secure. Maybe she’s still getting used to her new body shapes? But it’s still September and she has time for preparation. What can I say, the competition among ladies will be fierce and heartbreaking at Russian Nationals.

See how another Russian Olympic star is doing. Adelina Sotnikova showed her programs too.

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