The ISU Congress reduced the number of PCS in figure skating and increased its coefficients

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The ISU Congress reduced the number of components in figure skating from five to three.


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Now there are three components left – “composition”, “skating skills” and a new component “presentation”, which will include elements of “performance” and “interpretation of music”.

ISU will increase component coefficients in figure skating after reducing number of criteria.

The Congress of the International Skating Union (ISU) approved an increase of the PCS coefficient, following a proposal to reduce the number of criteria for the second mark in figure skating from five to three. This became known during the fourth day of the congress.

The corresponding proposal was listed on the congress agenda at number 158, it was announced on Wednesday, but it was not voted on, as it was in conjunction with the initiative to reduce components, which was on the schedule for Thursday. Before the start of voting on the reduction of components, it was decided to include this initiative in the general block of technical proposals. However, Finland later offered to separate it, which effectively meant rejecting the proposal. 12 voted for Finland’s position, 50 voted against, 1 abstained. Thus, the proposal to reduce components was approved along with the rest of the package, which also included an increase in coefficients.

Now the scores for the components in the women’s single skating will be multiplied by 1.33 (instead of the previous 0.80) in the short program and by 2.67 in the free program (previously it was 1.60). In the men’s singles – by 1.67 (was 1) in the short and by 3.33 (was 2) – in the free. In pair skating – by 1.33 (previously 0.80) in the short program and by 2.67 (previously 1.60) in the free program. In ice dance – by 1.33 (previously 0.80) in the rhythm dance and by 2 (previously 1.20) – in the free dance.


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