The Chanpion is back

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Patrick Chan wins the Four Continents Championships with a phenomenal skate of a free program.

Skating last, after the incredibly technical difficulty shown by Boyang Jin, Patrick just came and skate as he (and no one else in the world) can skate. Breathtaking performance! Skating after Boyang the tremendous chasm in components scores was more then just obvious. Some judges gave Patrick all 10! Honestly, I’d give him all 10 too) Whom if not him?

After Grand Prix Final were many talks, that it was a mistake to return, that he can’t compete with younger guys with all their different quads and that his time has passed. I’m glad Patrick proved with this performance that they all was wrong. He came back to show us the true beauty of figure skating. And I’m so grateful him for this.

But he still need to do something with his short program! Because at Worlds it can cost him a medal.

I was inspired for the heading by the banner of one of fans at Four Continents. Great word combination I couldn’t think of a better one.

And yep, I’ve always believed in Patrick Chan)


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