Tatiana Volosozhar: Pregnancy beautifies us

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Recently Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov shared a great news that they’re waiting for a baby. We’re extremely happy for them. If you’re interested how the things are going, here’s a translation of Tatiana’s interview about her pregnancy.

Tatiana you are so small and fragile. I think you could have hidden your pregnancy up to the eighth month. Why did you decide to tell so early?

– It’s difficult for athletes to hide such things. We’re constantly in the public eye, we have trainings, performances. Everyone was waiting that Maxim and I enter the season in September, which would continue until March. So, didn’t turn out to hide the news.  And besides, though you said, that I’m small and thin, but a belly began to grow long time ago, I noticed it. In skin-tight figure skating suit everyone would have noticed it too )

Tstiana Volosozhar

So, at the very early gestation period you were performing?

– Yes, Maxim and I was on ice up to the beginning of September.

Wow! How did your mother allow it? Didn’t she ask you to change your mind?

– My mother still ask me to rest more, not to lift heavy bags, to take care of myself. She also loves to ask me what I ate, whether I’m not hungry. Frankly, I felt so relaxed and comfortable on skates! I performed with such pleasure! Figure skating is my life. Still, it was our show program, not a competition. We didn’t do there difficult lifts or jumps.

So, during your first pregnancy you didn’t find out what is morning sickness. Otherwise you wouldn’t have gone on ice.

– Yes, I didn’t have any nausea and dizziness. Maybe, I was just getting tired a little faster and that’s all.

When did you find out about your pregnancy? Do you remember how it happened?

– It happened during our tour in Japan. One evening our friend Swiss skater Stephane Lambiel, said that I’ve changed a lot. And immediately suggested that I’m pregnant. Frankly, before he said this, I haven’t even thought about it. However, after his words I bought a pregnancy test. It was positive. I decided to play it safe and bought another one a week later. The same result.

Have you kept these tests?

– Only photos.

Tatiana Volosozhar Maxim Trankov

As a child, everyone dreams of a prince on a white horse, and fantasize how many children will be in their family. Do you remember what did you dream of?

– In my free of trainings time I also dreamed of a prince on a white horse! Not only about medals and winning in various competitions. As a result, my dreams came true, I got my prince on a white Mercedes. And I always wanted two kids – a boy and a girl. It doesn’t matter in which order.

Would you like your child to continue a sports dynasty?

– Anyway our child’s life in some way will be connected with sport. How else, when both parents are athletes? For sure he will know how to skate. But if a child says that he wants to be a scientist, not an athlete, then we of course will support him.

Will be the first in the world scientist on skates! Have you already started to read various forums for pregnant, ask friends about childbirth?

– It’s my first pregnancy, so of course, everything is interesting for me. After the positive test I installed an application on the phone. Every day I look what is happenning to my body, how the baby develops. For example, now he’s of the size of an avocado. I also went on the exhibition “World of Childhood”. It was a fantastic adventure. I couldn’t even think how many things are invented for parents and children.

Tatiana Volosozhar Maxim Trankov

What do you want to do during pregnancy? Do you have any plans? Maybe, visit some country? Or to build a house?

– Now I’m resting from travellings. During competitions and touring I fly a lot. On the contrary, while I have an opportunity, I try to spend time at home as much as possible. Fortunately, we have already built it. Now I have time for some female joys – I do housework, choose furniture, choose interior, create comfort.

Do you like cooking?

– I like it very much. But as Maxim is constantly busy on the ice now, I cook only dinner. But my husband not always has time and energy for this dinner.

Are you afraid of childbirth?

– Maybe I’m still on a small gestation period. Therefore, I haven’t any fears and concerns, but a huge interest. For me the most important thing is to give birth with a good doctor. Now I’ve started to choose hospital and doctor. I need a specialist, who will be ready to answer all my questions around the clock, help and support me.

Will you give birth in Russia?

– Now I mostly think to stay in Russia and to give birth here. While many advised to go abroad. Firstly, I’ll have childbirth in February. At this time of year it’s gray, scowling and sullen in Moscow. And there – warm ocean, sun. Second, I fear a little of too much attention before childbirth. Somehow, it seems to me that the bigger my gestation period is, the more media representatives, photographers and paparazzi will be around me. But on the other hand, I don’t want to part with the family and husband for a long time. So, now we’re choosing the hospital in the capital.

Tatiana Volosozhar Maxim Trankov

Do you have some feelings is it a boy or a girl?

– I often catch myself on some slips of the tongue. They all speak in favor that it’s a boy. Also many friends, when they find out that I’m pregnant say, “You’re become prettier. For sure it’s a boy!” Although, I think that every pregnant women look even more beautiful. Pregnancy beautifies us.

For how long do you plan to stay on maternity leave?

– I would like to come back to my usual “ice” lifestyle as soon as possible. But I won’t think in advance. In fact, the organizers of the show create all the conditions for athletes who gave birth, so they can go on tour with small children.

Do you plan to hire a babysitter. Or, the main and most reliable helper will be mom?

– I would not want my mother became a babysitter. Grandma should be a grandma, not a nanny.

What do you think, what kind of father Maxim will be?

– The best! At least for my baby, he will definitely be the best, most attentive, most caring and most responsible father. And I’m sure that he will help me a lot.

source: magazine “Pregnancy and labour”


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  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Tatiana is so sweet.
    “Prince in a white Mercedes”…oh, darling, that is adorable!
    I honestly can’t tell that she’s 5 months along already…she looks amazing.
    So far the pregnancy seems to be going well. I wish her all the best.

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