Tatiana Tarasova: Zagitova proved that she is superior to everyone

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Tatiana Tarasova about Alina Zagitova’s first start of the season.

Tatiana Tarasova: First, she is Olympic champion. It’s very pleasant and amazingly great that at the first competitions she shows the highest level of elements. I’d give her the best points for her first combination lutz-loop. The judges gave her “+3” – “+4” … Sometimes I don’t understand them. There were no underrotations and it’s strange to me that this combination didn’t get “+5”. This was her best execution of this element, and no one in the world does it better. I can say that for sure.

At the triple flip she lost balance a bit, but it’s nothing. After double axel she also lost some balance, but she coped. She is in very good physical shape. Thin, very light, had a great workout. All spins are “+4”, “+5” – no questions. Level 4 step sequence, if to improve it then just a little.

At the first competitions, she proves that she is superior to everyone, that she is an Olympic champion. But she has small components scores. The elements look very serious, but the components, although the judges give her level four for the step sequence, it doesn’t look so convincingly. She got 8-8.5 for transitions. For her it is not enough.

This is her first competition of the season. And we can assess her performance as very good. She has a beautiful costume. Tutberidze’s skaters always has very good costumes. It’s obvious that Alina likes the program. She likes the music, although, it’s hardly anyone may not like it. She should keep it that way.

It is not necessary to change everything after the Olympic season. In my opinion, the main thing for her in this period is to keep. And then, in the next three seasons, she can develop in other directions.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for rsport.ria.ru


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