Tatiana Tarasova supported the idea of video replays in figure skating

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Recently Tom Zakrajsek, who was unhappy with the scores received by his student Vincent Zhou at Skate America raised a question of improving the quality of judging. The specialist believes that skater or coach should be able to request the judges to review the score for the particular element with the help of video replays. Tatiana Tarasova supports this idea.

Yes, the judges often have only one camera, and its location does not change, so they can not see everything. I think we should be able to check the work of any judging pannel, because the fate of a person depends on their opinion. People who judge don’t always understand this.

It would be great if there was technical progress in this regard. As you know, trust but verify. We want everyting to be fare. – Tarasova said

However, Tarasova pointed that figure skating competitions are strictly timed, therefore it will not be so easy to implement additional video replays:

We have a dynamic sport, we are connected with television, every second counts.



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