Tatiana Tarasova: “All three of our girls are great. But best of all are the coaches who prepared them.”

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Tatiana Tarasova about the results of European Championships 2022.

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Tatiana Tarasova: Kondratiuk is a giant! Won the European Championships from the first attempt. Congratulations to Mark, his coach, and the whole national team!

source: championat.com

About women’s single skating

Tatiana Tarasova: Happiness! This is a huge victory of one group! The victory of different girls who have the same coaches.

All three of our girls are great. But best of all are the coaches who prepared them. Is Valieva a favorite to win the Olympics? Well, don’t you see it yourself? Certainly. But each of them can be a champion.

I completely agree with the judges’ scores. Kamila Valieva is 100% the first, it’s even stupid to argue. Everything is absolutely fair!

I want to thank all our teachers and coaches who raised these three golden girls. I hope that our magnificent girls will perform even better at the Olympics.

source: sport-express.ru

About ice dance

Tatiana Tarasova: I’m proud that we have such two wonderful pairs in our country. Today I got great pleasure, looking at our guys!

It’s a little pity, of course, that not the whole pedestal is ours, but that’s okay.

How will the guys perform at the Olympics? I don’t want to look into the future, anything can be there. But I know for sure that they will perform with dignity and represent our country from the best side!

source: sport-express.ru

About scores of Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin who scored 186.61 points at the European Championships and took seventh place. At the Russian Nationals, their total score was 207.70 points.

Tatiana Tarasova: As a result, Davis and Smolkin became seventh, although after the short one they were eighth. I think they spent their first European Championships with dignity.

At the Russian Nationals for the rhythm dance Davis and Smolkin got eight points more than at the European Championships. It is not right. We must judge correctly. No need to put too much when it is undeserved.

The guys are great. I have no questions to them.

source: championat.com


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4 Responses to “Tatiana Tarasova: “All three of our girls are great. But best of all are the coaches who prepared them.””

  1. J says:

    I disagree. Liza beat the Japanese before and was on the worlds podium. Anna’s sp scores were inflated. Personally, she should not be going to the Olympics. She’s not at her best. The Empress should go!

  2. Veronica says:

    Once again Anna showed she is a true Champion. Liza wouldn’t be at the Olympic podium with no technical arsenal. Japanese girls are a strong competitors.

  3. John Abreu says:

    There’s a simple reply to that: ha-ha! enjoy!

  4. J says:

    While Shcherbakova did an amazing lp, she should not be going to the Olympics. She’s inconsistent and Liza should be going.

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