Tatiana Tarasova about Kovtun’s change of coach

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Maxim Kovtun left Elena Buyanova’s group and now will train with Inna Goncharenko (see Maxim’s comment here), who is also a coach from CSKA. However there wasn’t any official confirmation from the Russian figure skating federation that this transfer is accepted) They haven’t known anything …..as always) But with 99,9% it’s done)

Tatiana Tarasova, who did a lot for Maxim and actually brought him to CSKA to Buyanova commented his decision:

Figure skaters have short sports life, so we – teachers and coaches shouldn’t be angry with them, and shouldn’t take revenge for such acts. Not long time ago they had been children and now they take their first decisions. They may be right or wrong, but that’s their decisions. We have worked for many years with them, and therefore we also might had missed something ourselves.  Because when any pair is divorcing, and the coach and the athlete are a pair too, both are guilty.

When people make decision, it’s completely useless to dissuade them. That is why,  I didn’t participate in this situation. Maxim realizes that Elena Germanovna has done a lot for him, but he wants to change something. However, it’s necessary to make changes in yourself, I told him that. But he wants to change both himself and coach, and the environment to improve his results. Let’s see what will happen. It’s an awkward age, what can you do?

As for the 18th  place at Worlds:

He hindered himself. All the hardships of the awkward age occurred just in the years of his work with Vodorezova. This season, I thought he worked well, but the result still wasn’t there. Even despite the fact that for the second part of the season he was prepared as good as to the first. – Taresova said.

the source: tass.ru

Inna Goncharenko also gave a small comment:

Maxim has applied to me with such proposition on Monday. Frankly, it was a surprise to me. We’re continuing the conversation on this subject. This’s the only thing I can say about it.

the source: tass.ru


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