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Recently Tatiana Tarasova gave a comment to TASS (Russian news agency) about upcoming Russian National Championship 2016. I think her comments are maybe not always objective but always interesting and she definitely has what to say. So, here’s the translation and some my thoughts.

As for the pairs:

Russian Championship has always been much more difficult and interesting than the European Championships (the selection for which it is). It’s the quintessence of human capabilities, the fight of opinions, the fight of trainers in the creative and technical cases. Each shows his direction. For example, all our pairs are different. And now, their technical level is very high. – Tarasova said.

It is difficult to predict how this dispute will end. What I saw in the Grand-prix Final was unforgettable (means Stolbova and Klimov). But Volosozhar and Trankov wasn’t there. All our leaders skate at the level of Olympic records. Young couples can make a competition – Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, Kristina Astakhova and Alexei Rogonov. Vera Bazarova and Andrei Deputat have also improved.

The situation with Volosozhar and Trankov is realy interesting. They need to show up at Russian Nationals to get into the National team to get the funding for the next season. But I doubt they want to loose to Stolbova and Klimov (not to lose to them will be really difficult). There are no entries list for the Russian Nationals yet (why I’m not surprised? :) ) So, I have a bit of suspicions…..maybe we won’t see Stolbova and Klimov at the event? And they will go directly to European Championships as the winners of GPF? And why everyone forgets about Kavaguti and Smirnov?!

As for the ice dance:

We have at least four strong duets. I think one more will join them which recently was allowed to skate – Jonathan Guerreiro and Tiffany Zahorski. This is a new direction in the work of our coach Alexander Zhulin. Yes, all our leading duets are not able even to get close to the third place at World Championships but because of that their competition in Yekaterinburg won’t be weaker. 

It was honest and realistic. But anyway ice dance at Russian Nationals will be extremely dramatic. Also rumour has it that Ksenia Monko and Kirill Khaliavin won’t participate. Maybe due to Ksenia’s injury. There is no any confirmation yet. And Tarasova mentioned Zahorski – Guerreiro, good for them. It means that the duo made an impression.

As for the ladies:

The fight at the tournament will be strong, interesting, creative in all disciplines, and the results are difficult to predict. I am sure there will be surprises. Take the women’s figure skating. It is necessary to understand in which shape is Elizaveta Tuktamysheva the current World Champion, or showing fantastic results this season grown-up beauty Elena Radionova and how she will move further. Our Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova and beloved by all Julia Lipnitskaya are back to ice. The fight between the girls will be serious. 

It will be sad if someone left behind. And it will happen. At the European Championship can go three, and there are a lot more who is able to to win. Therefore, they need to skate literally on “the break of aorta”, showing their best performances and winning a place under the sun. 

This season Elizaveta have been skated the free program better than the short. Radionova, who is experiencing a period of strong growth, doesn’t misse opportunity to skate properly, did not give up and has left an unused reserve. And then there is Anna Pogorilaya, who has a good start of the season. Suppose she had a psychological trauma but I think that she has got rid of it. She grew a lot both technically and emotionally. I was in Sochi at Julia Lipnitskaya’s trainings. I can say that she works with great enthusiasm. I sincerely wish her to return and show all their wonderful features.

Hm…..no comment about Evgenia Medvedeva who is actually a favorite to win the National title? And Radionova seems to be Tarasova’s new favorite?

As for men:

To the Russian Nationals everyone should come in a good shape. Yes, men this year didn’t get into the Grand Prix Final. But I don’t want return to that. People re-collect up to the middle of a season. I’m sure Kovtun, two-time national champion, European silver medalist will not want to give up his positions.

Tarasova again believes in Maxim Kovtun? )

Sergei Voronov changed the program to his last year  he wants to fightHe did it to get into the main team. Young Adian Pitkeev starts to gain. At grand-prix event in Moscow he showed matured skating. For me personally, it was the first time when he really fighted, showed his abilities. I think Konstantin Menshov will do well. For him it is often not possible to do this early in the season, which is why he has never made into the Grand Prix Final.

Tarasova also mentioned Mikhail Kolyada:

I liked him a lot at the grand-prix in Moscow, he’s a good skater. He skated boyish, with huge enthusiasm.

That was Tarasova’s comments about the Russian Nationals which starts this Thursday….hope we can see the entries list soon))


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