Tamara Moskvina: I’m so tired of holidays

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June 26 an outstanding figure skating coach Tamara Moskvina celebrates her 75th anniversary. On how exactly this will happen and about her students Yuko Kavaguti / Alexander Smirnov in interview with Tamara Moskvina.

Tamara, what feelings do you have meeting an anniversary?

Tamara: Feelings that I’m so tired of holidays! We’ve celebrated so many my birthday, birthdays of my relatives, acquaintances and friends! Wins at the championships of Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe and World! Add to this the various banquets and so on, so I got tired of holidays. So, I always think how to spend the holiday so that it will be interesting. Do not celebrate, but just to live.

Tamara Moskvina

This time, your anniversary will be celebrated in a very interesting format.

Tamara: The Foundation “Nasledie and Perspektiva” organizes this celebration. The Fund carries out all activities related to the honorable citizens of our city – anniversaries, concerts … Usually the concerts are held at the Philharmonic, the St. Petersburg Chapel, the Kirov and Mikhailovsky Theatre … then a banquet. But such celebrations are so academic. And young people are not interested in contemplation, they like to take an active part. Therefore, in recent years the Foundation organizes events, imbued with a patriotic spirit, where young people are directly involved in the reconstruction of events. It helps to remind the young of wartime, tell how that all was. So the next celebration will combine several events – the date of commencement of the war, and the 120th anniversary of the State University of Physical Culture Lesgaft and my anniversary because I graduated from this university. I graduated with a gold medal and after study taught here for 15 years.

Active partisipation is better and more interesting than just a banquet. Therefore with great pleasure I’ll spend the night from 25 to 26 June on the nature in such a company. When I was told about such plan for the anniversary celebration, I agreed without hesitation.

This time, without banquets?

Tamara: On Sunday is planned a dinner for friends – daily coworkers, without whom there would be no Moskvina’s achievements. There will come the closest, trainers, students … They are all hard workers, and I would like to arrange a holiday for them.

Yuko Kavaguti, Alexander Smirnov

How is Yuko’s recovery going?

Tamara: Yuko has passed a medical examination and got a permisson for trainings. She’s already skating, jumping. With Sasha they even did a triple throw. On Saturday foreign TV reporters come to the rink to shoot a film about Yuko, about her character, endurance, loyalty to figure skating.

Is it early to make some predictions about the future of this pair?

Tamara: June 27 we start training camp in Igora. When Yuko and Sasha start active training, it will be clear how the recovery is going, will they be able to prepare for the test skates, to adequately present themselves, or not and recovery will take longer.

Is Sasha coaching now?

Tamara: While Yuko was recovering, Sasha needed to do something. He gradually switched to coaching, and he likes this activity. Sasha prepared Lithuanian pair Goda Butkute – Nikita Ermolaev for the World Championships in Boston. Now he works with two senior pairs  – Lithuanian and our pair Alexandra Shevchenko – Ivan Beach. Ivan returned to St. Petersburg, and Alexandra decided to move with him from Moscow.

How many pairs do you have now?

Tamara:  In our school “Star Ice” is currently 11 pairs – two senior, other are junior.  Young coaches work good – Konstantin Bezmaternykh, Artur Minchuk, famous choreographer Tatiana Druchinina – my colleague for many years. Perhaps in the future we will invite someone else from experts. While we’re starting from quantity, and then we’ll see. I hope that in time quantity will grow into quality.

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