Tamara Moskvina: “I don’t work to compete. I want my athletes to attract more attention from the audience and not endlessly chase medals.”

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Tamara Moskvina about her work with Mishina/Galliamov and Boikova/Kozlovskii and some results of the European Championships.

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Your athletes always talk extremely warmly about you. In general, such a “family” feeling comes from your relationship with those who already finished their careers.

Tamara Moskvina: Oh no, I’m not their mother. I’m more of a mentor than a coach. You know, in English there is such a word “mentor”. I try to be one, teach them not only technique and all sorts of specific aspects of figure skating, but also purely human attitudes and relationships. And also educate them with respect. These are my students, not my athletes. The distance in the “coach-student” relationship is not bad, by the way.

And it is a pity that there is not always enough time to train them at a high level, and to pay enough attention to mentoring in its broadest sense. Well, I have not only figure skating in my life – I have a family, and all sorts of interests, do you know how many more responsibilities I have? As a member of the English Club, and as an Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg, life is not limited to one skating rink.

source: sports.ru

About love for her work

Tamara Moskvina: I always watch the performances of our competitors. Maybe it doesn’t always work out to watch them right in the arena, but I’ll definitely review them later. Well, this is such a school for me – other coaches do not sit idly by – they come up with something, develop it, I’m interested. And if I say that I know everything, it will be stupid. Everything moves forward and changes and you can’t lag behind.

In order to develop my pairs, I need to develop myself. I’m interested in my work and I always want to come up with something that will amaze people, so that they will be surprised: “This grandmother came up with something again, when she will calm down.”

Well, I don’t work to compete – I’m just very interested in what I do. Choose the music, change a costume, connect people if they have different characters. You always want your athletes to attract more attention from the audience, clapping them more and not endlessly chasing medals. If you come up with something interesting the result will come.

source: sports.ru

About Mishina and Galliamov free program

At the beginning of the season, not everyone agreed with the choice of music for Mishina / Gallyamov free program. Are all questions gone now?

Tamara Moskvina: I knew right away what I was doing. And I understood that the program must mature and this takes time. Yes, not everyone understood this, but it was useless to explain something. If you don’t perform publicly, then the program will never be polished, so we had to show the raw material, almost the outline of the program, and not the program itself.

Because only in public some flaws are visible, and confidence can be gained only by performing in front of the audience. I did not check the music – will it go or not, I did not doubt it from the very beginning. My task was to let the guys to prepare it.

From the very beginning I saw in my head how it would look at the peak of the season. Although we had to work on the music: clean it up something somewhere, add more recordings. And even now I understand that in one part we need to add something.

source: sports.ru

About Alexandra Boikova’s mistake in the short program

Tamara Moskvina: The execution of a jump does not depend only on one action. Therefore, this is a complex of influences that did not allow Sasha to jump a triple jump, so I can’t say specifically, although I’m an experienced coach.

I can say because of what, but it’s hard to say why it happened.

Perhaps, the right ambitious tasks that she set for herself intervened. Maybe she couldn’t control her nerves. But you should ask Alexandra, she did this jump, I only looked at it from afar.

source: sports.ru


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