Tamara Moskvina: “Coach should teach skaters to sacrifice some of their personal motives in order to give pleasure to other people. This is their purpose.”

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Tamara Moskvina, in an interview with Alina Zagitova, spoke about working with pair skaters.

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How is your mood now?

Tamara Moskvina: I have to tell you a big secret. I am always in a good mood. It depends on you. The way you set yourself up, know how to counteract disturbing factors or the environment.

Serious troubles, problems happen; you can’t avoid them. How do you feel about them? You worry, cry, get nervous, and so on. Or do you think, “What can I do in return for this trouble, or how can I counteract it?” This is the secret.

Mutual understanding is important in a pair. Whatever you do, you need to think, “How can this affect my partner? How can this encourage collaboration?” It is a never-ending process of adjustment – statements, attitudes, and actions.

Because these are two individuals with different levels of upbringing, education, motivation, and so on. Everyone has their own interests.They also have distinct personalities and nervous systems. And a coach needs to adjust this all a little.

A pair skates and competes with another pair, and there are two personalities in this pair. And the guys want to live their lives, go into sports, have a family, and study. I want all this to be done in a positive mood and with an optimistic approach.

And when it is connected with negative moods or relationships, it does not add joy to life. Therefore, you shouldn’t come up with difficulties for yourself, so as not to spoil your mood and life.

How are Mishina Galliamov? Isn’t it hard for them to enter the season after the Olympic season?

Tamara Moskvina: With the previous generations of athletes that I coached, the celebration lasted much longer.

Usually athletes who successfully perform at the Olympic Games start skating somewhere between September-October, and only by the end of the season do they get into shape. Nastya and Sasha entered the season faster.

I think you felt it yourself.

I fully felt it. I was in good condition right for the World Championships.

Tamara Moskvina: One says, “No, I can’t do that,” the second says, “No, I don’t want to.” And here they are, who will convince whom.

But I need to stop quarrels, so I say: “Guys, you came up with such a great idea; yes, yes, yes; perhaps I have a third option.” and I offer a better option. Let’s live in peace. I usually say, “Do we have a kindergarten here or what?”

Everyone says, “Oh, you must see these stars…” We don’t see any stars. A child comes, and we see what they are like initially and what needs to be done with them in order to teach them to skate, communicate, work, endure, admire, love, live. Teach them to admire other people. Teach to sacrifice some of your personal motives in order to give pleasure to other people. This is their purpose.


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