Take it off immediately. Men. Season 2016-2017

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As usual, ranking of best costumes is followed by annual anti-ranking. No, I couldn’t just pass by)

The parade of victims of designers’ creativity. “What was that?” Or “Take it off immediately.” It’s even better to burn some costumes, it’d be more reliable, who knows maybe it’s contagious. A lot of people are here. Suspiciously rich season) Magnetic storms, probably.

Warning: This post is dark and full of horrors.

Jorik, whatever it was, the Inquisition is already on it’s way

Jorik Hendrickx

Nathan Chen and Alexander Majorov: fans of vests of not theirs sizes

Nathan Chen

Alexande Majorov

Team USA, team Russia and team Japan – battle almost fist-to-fist. Whose national creativity was most impressive?)

Please welcome guys from team Russia and their trends from early 90th.

Artur Dmitriev

Artur Dmitriev

Alexander Petrov aka golden fish in bloomers

Alexander Petrov

Mikhail Kolyada and his jackets

Mikhail Kolyada

Please welcome guys from team USA and their super tight costumes!

Adam Rippon in a stripper’s costume

Adam Rippon

Max Aaron and his glamour sportswear

Max Aaron

It’s hard to compete with team Japan, they are regular participants and winners of this anti-ranking.

Shoma Uno and his purple plush

Shoma Uno

Yuzuru Hanyu and his lavender chameleon pants

Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu and his trained water plant

Yuzuru Hanyu

And my favorite Takahito Mura. I still can’t forget his last seasons’ costume)

What was the idea? Lizard?

Takahito Mura

Oh laces, fringe, ruffles, frills! Just amazing!)

Takahito Mura

You think that’s all? Don’t be naive)

Han Yan and his mix of jacket and ladies blouse

Han Yan

When designers’ imagination become unstoppable

Nicholas Vrdoljak

Daniel Samohin

Daniel Samokhin

Ivan Righini

Ivan Righini



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7 Responses to “Take it off immediately. Men. Season 2016-2017”

  1. Bailey says:

    I think of the comments made on some of these costumes were not necessary. The “stripper” comment on Adam Zippon’s was one of them. I liked Hanyu’s blue and white costume but the purple one was over the top. Mikhail Kolyada and his jackets were just fine.

  2. AussieSkater says:

    oh Yuzuru, I hove you, but please… what are you thinking??

  3. skating fan says:

    When considering e.g. pairs I don’t agree with you about all costumes (I like Valentina’s dress), but here I totally agree with you about all these costumes, all of them are horrible and I hope that they would get better costumes in the next season.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I don’t know what happened) So many hilarious costumes this season)

    • Crabe93 says:

      Well, for me it is more the contrary, I really found horrible all the costume in the pairs rubric. But I don’t agree on all of the men : I like Shoma’s purple costume and, although the white thing on his left shoulder is really disturbing, Yuzu’s free program costume is not that horrible. I also found that Kolyada’s costumes fitted the program, but it is true they are a bit “special”.
      But the others can deserve to be burned.
      Again it is my opinion and I can concede I’m not that good in terms on fashion ))

      • FS Gossips says:

        I just don’t like plush on adults) It looks cute on little boys but not on men.

        Misha’s jackets are too old fashioned for my taste)

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