Take it off immediately. Ladies. Season 2016-2017

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As I said before girls did really well this season! I mean in terms of costumes. There were a lot of beautiful dresses, nice costumes and suspiciously little amount of fashion disasters) So I really hope that Olympic season will be the same.

I’m not really sure whether this costume deserves to be in “Take it off immediately” rubric……Liza had much worse ones) But still I don’t like it and I don’t even want to say what it reminds me.  I’ll only say it includes gentleman’s club and a pole.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

The season was very successful but there were two persons who managed to amaze me)) As you understand, amazed me not in a good way. Both this costumes will chase me in nightmares.

Anna Pogorilaya….I don’t know what is worse. The poor drapery,  strange grey bandage or “nude” section with belly button( I just can’t understand, how you can dress such an outstanding beauty in such horror?!

Anna Pogorilaya

It’s hard to imagine, but someone managed to beat even Anna’s costume) I guess Yura Matsuda‘s designer decided to add all the posible finishing into this dress……

Yura Matsuda



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6 Responses to “Take it off immediately. Ladies. Season 2016-2017”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I agree, Liza’s dress is just not appropriate for skating! There are many sexy dresses in skating, but this one was just too sheer to be tasteful. If the skirt had been made of real fabric, it might have been all right. Like Anna, Liza is too pretty of a girl to be stuck in all these ugly costumes! In the 2014-15 season she had nice, tasteful costumes; why can’t she wear dresses like those?

    Anna’s dress reminds me of when I was very little and tried to wrap gifts for Christmas. I used very crumpled, discolored tissue paper and taped it awkwardly around the package. Such a lovely gift shouldn’t be packaged in a child’s clumsy wrapping.

    Yura’s dress is actually a cool concept, but there’s just way too much finishing on it. If you removed the flaps of fabric going in every direction, you’d have a nice costume for a program to “The Firebird”. But with all the frills, my eye doesn’t know which way to go.

  2. Carina says:

    Yeah Anna’s FS dress is one of my least favs. I get that she usually tries to go the ‘sexy look’ and has a lot of see-through nude fabrics but this one doesn’t even make sense to me. Last year’s Arabian costume was ugly imo but at least I get how it matched the program. This year baffles me.

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