Sergei Davydov: “Quintuples are only possible with a big prerotation? But there are also prerotations on quads. If you’re not “cheating”, it’s very difficult to execute the jump.”

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Coach Sergei Davydov about Ilia Malinin and results of World Championships, development of figure skating and [...]

Sergei Davydov: “I’m sure that it’s possible to keep the content developed in childhood. If there is a desire.”

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Interview with coach Sergei Davydov. About "running away" skaters, mastering quads at a young age and [...]

Sergei Davydov: “Quads are the next step in women’s figure skating. There is no turning back. If you want to win, jump.”

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Big interview with Russian coach Sergei Davydov. About the results of Russian Nationals, advantages of raising the age [...]

Sergei Davidov: “In today’s figure skating, there is only one way: if you want to win, learn quads.”

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Interview with CSKA coach Sergei Davidov. About his athlete switching to Tutberidze, what to do to be the first, diets [...]

“Early retirment is inevitable, not Tutberidze’s problem.” CSKA coach Sergei Davydov’s opinion

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Interview with coach Sergei Davidov. About coaching style, PR on Instagram and complication of the jumping content of [...]

Sergei Davydov: Raise the age and the race for complexity will lose all sense

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Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya's interview with Sergei Davydov. About consequences of raising the age limit, work with one of [...]