“Only one person has taken the lie detector test – doctor Shvetsky. In response to a question about involvement in the incident with Valieva, he answered negatively.” Journalist Zhukov

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Journalist Zhukov told that doctor Shvetsky answered questions about Valieva during a lie detector test. original [...]

“For four years, we worked towards this team gold, won it, and now we need to finalize this issue. This victory will be even more valuable.” doctor Philip Shvetsky

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Russian figure skating team doctor Philip Shvetsky commented on his lawsuit against the German journalist and [...]

“The version about the glass, it is a version based on facts.” Doctor Philipp Shvetsky about Valieva’s doping case

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Doctor Philipp Shvetsky about his quilt in Valieva's doping case and comments made by former Tutberidze's skater [...]

“How do they know what our athletes took, where, and when they went?” Shvetskiy and Tarasova on Meagan Duhamel’s comments regarding doping among Russian skaters

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Philipp Shvetskiy and Tatiana Tarasova reacted on the words of Meagan Duhamel about doping among Russian [...]

“I still hope that he’s a journalist who is fighting doping rather than the unique system of preparing Russian athletes that allows them to lead in many sports.” Philipp Shvetsky on the lawsuit against journalist Hajo Seppelt

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Former Russian national figure skating team doctor, Philipp Shvetsky, commented on the lawsuit against German [...]

Doctor Philipp Shvetsky: “We didn’t protect Kamila, and it’s a fact of guilt for all of us. But I must exclude myself from the list of suspects in this story.”

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Doctor of the Russian figure skating team at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Philipp Shvetsky, in an interview with [...]