Oleg Vasiliev “In Russia everything is based not solely on talent but primarily on the system. The system is designed to win medals and requires specific results from athletes within a specific timeframe.”

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Big interview with Oleg Vasiliev. Parts of the interview were posted before. photo Alexander Vilf / RIA Novosti [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: “Could Ilia Malinin achieve everything he is showing now if he had an American mentality? I highly doubt it.”

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Part of the interview with Oleg Vasiliev, Olympic champion in pair skating and coach of Olympic champions about figure [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: “The current system becomes obsolete. Judges have learned to manipulate the results within this system.”

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Oleg Vasiliev about judging system, manipulations with the second mark, development of pair skating and possible [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: “I would like to ask the ISU about the qualification of the technical panel and whether these judges also went to a dinner with Eteri Tutberidze, like the dance judges a month ago?”

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The head coach of the Belarusian national figure skating team, 1984 Olympic champion in pair skating Oleg Vasiliev [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: “Tuktamysheva is a woman of mystery. She could have won everything in the last Olympic cycle, but lost because of the lack of appropriate attention to training, competitions and her shape.”

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Oleg Vasiliev shared his opinion that Elizaveta Tuktamysheva could have won everything in the previous Olympic season, [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: Former coaching staff loses money from shows and ad if the athlete leaves

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Interview with Oleg Vasiliev. The specialist told why personal contracts won't stop athletes from transfers in Russia, [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: Little girls shouldn’t be allowed to compete at Russian Nationals

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Oleg Vasiliev about results of Russain Nationals 2019 in ladies' skating. Oleg Vasiliev: I have already told, I [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: Pair skating has everything that ice dance or single skating may lack

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Oleg Vasiliev about pair skating. Oleg, you have been working in the sports [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: in the Grand-Prix Final our girls are the best

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Oleg Vasiliev about Russian ladies who will compete at Grand-Prix Final: Our girls are not only the most beautiful [...]

Oleg Vasiliev about Bazarova – Deputat parting

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Oleg Vasiliev told about Vera Bazarova Andrei Deputat parting. Recently Vera Bazarova announced that she's finishing [...]

What’s going on with Bazarova and Deputat?

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Vera Bazarova and Andrei Deputat withdrew from GP Skate Canada because of Andrei's medical reasons. Immediately [...]

Oleg Vasiliev suggested that Julia Lipnitskaya should switch to pairs

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Famous figure skating coach Oleg Vasiliev made an official proposal to Julia Lipnitskaya. He suggested that  [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: athlete should trust a coach 100%

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An Olympic Champion and a coach of Olympic Champions Oleg Vasiliev sums up the results of World Championships [...]

Oleg Vasiliev about women’s skating in Russia

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An Olympic Champion and the coach of Olympic Champions Oleg Vasiliev just after the Russian Nationals gave a comment [...]