“Morpheus in the short program, Adam in the free” choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about programs for Alexander Samarin

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Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about the work on the Olympic programs for European silver medalist Alexander [...]

“Our program will probably be compared with Jason Brown. But Misha is completely different” Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about Mikhail Kolyada’s new free program to the “Schindler’s List”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Nikita Mikhailov about Mikhail Kolyada's new free program to the "Schindler's List". source: matchtv.com dd. 3d [...]

Nikita Mikhailov: “With a technical and artistic programs at least some skaters will stop constantly thinking about the points they need to score.”

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Interview with young Russian choreographer Nikita Mikhailov who works closely with the group of Alexei Nikolaevich [...]