Shoma Uno “I’m not really as concerned as everyone seems to think. If I lost my motivation due to under-rotation or something like that, I’d gracefully retire.”

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Translation of Shoma Uno's comments before Grand Prix Final original source: dd. 6th December [...]

Carolina Kostner: “The artistic aspect requires everything—technical, mental, and life experiences and takes time. But Yuma understands that direction well.”

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Tranlsation of Carolina Kostner's comments about working with Yuma Kagiyama and his performance at the NHK Trophy [...]

“It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with how the scoring went. It’s just that I don’t have room for improvement beyond what I did today…” Shoma Uno about scoring at the NHK Trophy 2023

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Translation of Shoma Uno's comments regarding his scores at the NHK Trophy 2023. original source: [...]

“I want to focus on recovering as soon as possible so that I can resume training at the earliest.” Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara withdrew from NHK Trophy due to Kihara’s lumbar spondylolysis

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Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara have withdrawn from NHK Trophy Grand Prix. original source: [...]

Daria Usacheva is diagnosed with a trochanteric fracture of the hip

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According to Match TV, the preliminary diagnosis of the Russian figure skater Daria Usacheva is a trochanteric [...]

Alexei Mishin: Biased assessment of “fully rotated – under rotated” jumps deprived Samodurova of a real fourth place

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Alexei Mishin about Sofia Samodurova's performance at NHK Trophy 2019 and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's jumps. Alexei [...]

Alena Kostornaia: First I need to deal with the axels, then start talking about quads

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Alena Kostornaia commented on her victory at NHK Trophy 2019. Alena: I'm glad that I was able to skate the [...]

Alexei Mishin: Those who can’t show the power of the jump, they fetish steps before the jump

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance at NHK Trophy 2018. The minimum task has been solved. As [...]

NHK Trophy 2018 short review

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In course of time for every skating fan comes a moment when he need to reconsider his relationships with figure skating [...]

NHK Trophy 2017 review

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I'm not a morning person, so competitions in Japan are always a challenge for me. But this challenge was accepted. This [...]

Fedor Klimov: It’s an honor to get into Grand-prix Final

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Fedor Klimov about their performance at NHK Trophy 2017. Fedor, you skated the programs well in Osaka. How did you [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: Clean skating, that means a lot

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Tatjana Flade's interview with Evgenia Medvedeva at NHK Trophy 2017, translation. Zhenya, how did you feel at this [...]

NHK Trophy 2017: check in

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This week we're taking a flight to Japan. Let's see who already posted a photo from Japan. Madison and Zach remind [...]

Ilia Averbukh: I’m always for those who strives to leave their mark in figure skating

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Ilia Averbukh commented on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's victory at NHK Trophy 2016. Ilia: Canadians won with a [...]

NHK Trophy 2016: review

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Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain, purple rain I only wanted to see you Bathing in the [...]

NHK Trophy 2016: check-in

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We've almost survived through the grand-prix. Congratulations) I thought it'd be a lot more photos from Japan, but [...]

Best costumes from NHK Trophy 2015

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The last grand-prix event has ended, we know the winners, we know who will skate in Final, so it's a time to announce [...]

Bobrova and Soloviev in Grand-prix Final

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The situation in Russian ice dance has been interesting and quite dramatic for the last and this seasons. The pairs are [...]

[video] Hanyu beats another world record

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After a magnificent short program with two quads and a world record Yuzuru Hanyu beats another record! 216, 07 for the [...]

[video] Yuzuru Hanyu new world record for short program

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Yuzuru Hanyu World Record 106.33 points

On November 27th, Yuzuru Hanyu from Team Japan managed to earn more than 106 points in short program. This happened on [...]

10 reasons to watch NHK Trophy 2015

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Can't believe it's the last grand-prix event of the season! This year the grand-prix serie was dramatic and a lot [...]