Evgenia Medvedeva: “The organization in Russia has always been one of the best. I involuntarily recall the stages of the Grand Prix in France – it was hell. Plastic medals; bus that doesn’t go according to the schedule.”

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Interview with Evgenia Medvedeva. About Russian and international Grand Prix, shows and her current activities. [...]

“As for the very idea of ​​Valieva’s free program, I have rather mixed feelings about it.” Alena Kostornaia tries herself as a journalist and shares her impressions of the test skates

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Alena Kostornaia tries herself as a journalist and now has her own column for TASS, where she shared her impressions [...]

“When we met with Defense Minister Shoigu, I couldn’t breathe from this insane energy. I asked Mark ‘Do you understand now where we skate? And what is the CSKA club?” Svetlana Sokolovskaya, Kondratiuk’s coach

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Interview with Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of Mark Kondratiuk. View this post on Instagram A [...]

Ilia Averbukh: “When journalists call me for a comment, I’m always on the side of Eteri Tutberidze. Even without knowing the question.”

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Interview with Ilia Averbukh. About ice show, coaching and Eteri Tutberidze. View this post on Instagram [...]

“Dating a girl like Sasha Trusova is a great responsibility and a great success.” Yana Rudkovskaya about Trusova/Kondratiuk and suspension of Russian athletes from international competitions

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Interview with Yana Rudkovskaya. About Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratiuk and suspension of Russian athletes from [...]

“Aleksandra Stepanova wanted her dress to be very light, weightless. So that she seemed to dissolve in it.’ Interview with designer who created costumes for Stepanova/Bukin, Kondratiuk and Kvitelashvilli

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Figure skater costume designer Evgenia Kosygina, in an interview with Match TV, told how she worked on costumes for [...]

“Yuzuru is an outstanding figure skater, a legend that has become part of that golden galaxy of figure skating greats” Russian coaches and skaters about Hanyu retiring from competing professionally.

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Russian coaches and skaters about Yuzuru Hanyu retiring from competing professionally. View this post on [...]

Alexei Yagudin: “Hanyu’s fans are impossible to understand and it’s useless to talk to them.”

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Interview with Alexei Yagudin. About shows, romance between Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk and fans of Yuzuru [...]

“I brought a happy person from the Olympics, and for me it’s very important.” Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of Mark Kondratiuk

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Interview with Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of MArk Kondratiuk. Why individual competitions turned out worse for Mark [...]

Yana Rudkovskaya: “I think that Trusova is the only capable of breaking the established system that girls from Tutberidze’s group finish with sports at a maximum of 20 years old.”

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Producer Yana Rudkovskaya spoke about the absence of Russian female figure skaters among the nominees for the Forbes [...]

Alena Leonova: “Trusova will grow up and will understand everything. Maybe even regret saying what she said then.”

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Alena Leonova about the results of the Olympic season. View this post on Instagram A post shared [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “Almost every athlete dreams to get to the Olympics or to win Olympic gold. It may sound strange, but I have never aspired to it. I just skated for fun.”

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Big interview with Mark Kondratiuk. About team and individual competitions at the Olympics, this season, quintuple [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “Short program in the team event – it was incredibly scary. I understood that the kind of medal it would be, in fact, depended on me.”

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Mark Kondratiuk about Olympic team event, Olympics, new programs and plans for the future. View this post [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: “If Trusova wants to win gold at the Olympics, she must learn to listen to the coach.”

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko about the Olympics 2022. View this post on Instagram A post [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “Sport is not medals and titles. Sport is emotions, feelings and endless pleasure to do what you love the most.”

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Mark Kondratiuk shared his emotions after his performance at the Beijing Olympics, where he won gold in the team [...]

“Various insinuations have already begun. It might be beneficial for someone to do this. ” Russian coaches, specialist and officials about possible problem with doping testing for one of the Russian skater.

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According to Inside the games, the medal ceremony of figure skaters was postponed due to problems with doping testing [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “I don’t feel like a hero, I feel like part of a team. The man who did almost everything that was in his power for his team.”

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Russian figure skater Mark Kondratiuk told Match TV that he was very pleased and happy after skating a free program in [...]

“It could be a little better, but it could be a little worse. The judging was fair.” Tatiana Tarasova about the day one of the Olympic team event

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Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatiana Tarasova appreciated the performance of the Russians in the team [...]

Evgeni Platov: “If I had my way, I would just give Hanyu and Chen two gold medals, I respect both of them so much.”

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Interview with two-time Olympic Champion Evgeni Platov. About Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron, Victoria [...]

Alexei Tikhonov: “In ice dance if someone doesn’t give a way to someone, this’s done on purpose. They have such a history that everyone must show their importance.”

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World champion in pair skating Alexei Tikhonov summed up the results of the first day of the team event for the [...]

Adelina Sotnikova: “I sincerely believe that athlete should skate not just 10 years of his life, but at least 20-25 and show the best possible results.”

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Interview with Adelina Sotnikova the first Russian Olympic champion in women's skating and now a figure skating coach [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “To describe my performance in one word? I did it.”

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Mark Kondratiuk shared his emotions after the short program in the team event at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. [...]

Alexander Zhulin: “I heard that even before the withdrawal of Kolyada, they wanted to put Kondratiuk in the team.”

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Coach Alexander Zhulin told who, in his opinion, should perform in men's skating in the Olympic team event. photo [...]

“Yuzuru Hanyu will not become an Olympic champion for the third time in a row, but Nathan Chen may also be left without a gold medal.” Alexei Urmanov about upcoming Olympics

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov, Olympic Champion and coach about upcoming Olympics, raising the age minimum and [...]