Svetlana Sokolovskaya about Mark Kondratiuk: “He’s lazy, but he has a special laziness. He knows when to stop. This helps him a lot. Being a lazy person is generally a big advantage.”

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Interview with Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of Mark Kondratiuk, 2022 European Champion. View this post on [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: “All three of our girls are great. But best of all are the coaches who prepared them.”

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Tatiana Tarasova about the results of European Championships 2022. View this post on Instagram A [...]

Mark Kondratiuk: “You don’t always need and should to work on maximum. Sometimes you need to take a break in order to gain strength and work further.”

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Interview with Russian National Champion in men's single skating Mark Kondratiuk. About winning Nationals, his [...]

“Once I walked to the arena through the cementery and candles lit up my way” Big interview with interesting skater Mark Kondratiuk

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Interview with Mark Kondratiuk who has recently won the third spot for Russian men at the upcoming Olympics in [...]

Mark Kondratyuk: likes Orwell, paints and dreams of getting to the Olympics

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Interview with Mark Kondratiuk. Mark is 17-year-old single skater, bronze medalist of the 2021 Russian Nationals, [...]