Maria Butyrskaya: “I have questions to the judges. Are you stupid, or blind? Gubanova should have taken the first place in the short program and probably overall.”

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Maria Butyrskaya commented on the results in women's single skating at the 2024 European Championships. original [...]

Maria Butyrskaya: “Malinin is also one of ours. He’s not even an American in the literal sense; he represents this country only by territorial indication.”

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Translation of Maria Butyrskaya's comments about Ilia Malinin. original source: View [...]

“I couldn’t even imagine that they would punish us so severely. It’s just mockery towards us.” ISU has extended the suspension of Russian skaters, comments from Russian specialists

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The International Skating Union (ISU) has extended the suspension of Russians and Belarusians. Comments from Russian [...]

“This is not welcomed now. In this situation, no one from the national team will change anything.” Russian experts abt news that 19 Russian skaters want to change sport citizenship

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Russian coaches and experts commented on the information that 19 Russian skaters have applied for transfer to the [...]