Instagram review: best photos of the week [14.05-21.05.2017]

Posted on 2017-05-21 • 4 comments

Ok, let's check Instagram! Part 1 “Photos on the ice” Photos from ice shows are always great! Aliona [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [07.05-14.05.2017]

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It's time for the Sunday tradition! It's time to check Instagram! Part 1 “Photos on the ice” I love ice shows [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [23.04-30.04.2017]

Posted on 2017-04-30 • 1 comment

The season it's officially over, that's mean more time for skaters to post something on Instagram) Off-season it's a [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [16.04-23.04.2017]

Posted on 2017-04-23 • 13 comments

What we do on Sundays? Right, we're checking Instagram! Part 1 "Photos on the ice" Madison and Evan win the [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [09.04-16.04.2017]

Posted on 2017-04-16 • 2 comments

It's Sunday! Time to check Instagram, so grab some coffee and let's go! Part 1 “Photos on the ice” Ah [...]

World Championships 2017 review: pairs

Posted on 2017-04-04 • 39 comments

Here should have been a pathos preamble about the importance of the pre-Olympic World Championships, power disposition, [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [19.03-26.03.2017]

Posted on 2017-03-26 • 1 comment

I know you're busy relaxing, buying chocolates, some strong drinks etc., to be totally prepared for the Worlds, but [...]

Happy Women’s Day!

Posted on 2017-03-08 • 3 comments

Girls, Happy International Women's Day! Oh, and for us girls this portion of male beauty and hotness) Morgan [...]

Lubov Iliushechkina: I love Canada

Posted on 2017-03-01 • 1 comment

Translation of an interview with Lubov Iliushechkina. Luba told about Four Continents Championships, programs and life [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: pairs

Posted on 2017-02-22 • 7 comments

I continue to share my impressions from 4CC 2017. You can read the part about ice dance here. Pairs get silver medal [...]

Iliushechkina and Moscovitch: goosebumps because of the progress we made

Posted on 2017-02-20 • 3 comments

Lubov Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch commented on their first medal at Four Continents Championships 2017. It's [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [12.02-19.02.2017]

Posted on 2017-02-19 • 4 comments

I'm definitely not a morning person. So, competitions in Asia are a real torture for me. Terrible lack of sleep almost [...]

Love is in the air [photos]

Posted on 2017-02-15 • 5 comments

Valentine's Day was only yesterday and love still in the air. So here's my Instagram selection of sweet [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017: check-in

Posted on 2017-02-14 • 6 comments

Four Continents Championships starts soon, so welcome to Korea! When it comes to photo with the luggage no one can [...]

Cup of China 2016: review

Posted on 2016-11-22 • 13 comments

Grand-prix in China was a pretty screwy for me. Firstly, I locked at the wrong shedule, calculated the wrong [...]

Cup of China 2016: Check-in

Posted on 2016-11-17 • 1 comment

Not many photos this time, seems only Shibs know how to get access to Instagram and Twitter in China) But [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [31.10-06.11.2016]

Posted on 2016-11-10 • 8 comments

I know it's not Sunday, but I missed weekly Instagram review last week because I was on the road from Rostelecom cup. [...]

Skate Canada 2016 review

Posted on 2016-11-02 • 10 comments

Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how I won a Grand-prix in Canada...... You never break [...]

Skate Canada 2016: Party in White

Posted on 2016-10-31 • 4 comments

White color was extremely popular at Skate Canada 2016. It for sure can be called the color of the event. Especially [...]

Skate Canada 2016: Check-in

Posted on 2016-10-28 • 3 comments

A quick photo check-in at Skate Canada 2016. Before we all get super excited and nervous. Not a lot of photos from [...]

Nebelhorn Trophy 2016 review: why it was sad

Posted on 2016-09-27 • 9 comments

I've always considered Nebelhorn Trophy as an official (for me) beginning of the season. Maybe, because it's not just a [...]

World Championships review: pairs

Posted on 2016-04-08 • No comments yet

I have already discussed ice dance and men and now I want to say couple of words about pairs at World Championships [...]

Banquet at Worlds. [photos]

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I always so excited about photos from the banquet after the competition. Really want to see everyone in such informal [...]

Top-10 best pair figure skating costumes 2014-2015

Posted on 2015-06-15 • No comments yet

This is my rating of the best figure skating dresses and costumes in Pairs Skating. For me this year it was the most [...]