Irina Slutskaya: “The athlete who is educated and can express his thoughts can work on TV. You can work on the technique of speech, but you can’t buy brains.”

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Interview with Irina Slutskaya. About ISU congress and age minimum, suspension of Russian skaters, Trusova's silver at [...]

“The situation is extremely dire. There’s only one alternative left – the Armenian Nationals. But compared to the Worlds this is ridiculous.” Russian coaches about sanctions and cancelation of Rostelecom Cup

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Russian coaches about ISU sanctions and cancelation of Grand Prix stage in Russia. photo by REUTERS Ilia [...]

Irina Slutskaya: “Fair or not, such is the technique now. While the judges pretend that everyone doesn’t see prerotations and this is not a mistake, why not?”

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Interview with Irina Slutskaya. About the performance of the Russian team at the Beijing Olympics, the judging scandal [...]