“In India my skates are taken for weapons sometimes” Amazing story of Indian skater Tara Prasad who admires Tuktamysheva and wants to go on training camp with Tutberidze

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Interview with Indian figure skater Tara Prasad who competed at the Four Continents Championships 2022. [...]

Mai Mihara: “I was amazed by so many high quality quads performed by Russian ladies. I’d also like to be able to jump a quad.”

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Japanese figure skater Mai Mihara, who won the short program at the Four Continents Championships (72.62 points), [...]

Maia and Alex Shibutani: Marina listens us and we listen her

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Translation of an interview with Maia and Alex Shibutani, given to Russian correspondent at the Four Continents [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: men

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The final part of my review of Four Continents Championships 2017 is about men's event, like a cherry on the [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: ladies

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So I continue to share my impression from 4CC, here you can read about ice dance and pairs: Four Continents [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: pairs

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I continue to share my impressions from 4CC 2017. You can read the part about ice dance here. Pairs get silver medal [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: ice dance

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I set my alarm clock for 4 am....and it rang. Damn it. I hoped it wouldn't, so I would have an excuse why I overslept [...]

Iliushechkina and Moscovitch: goosebumps because of the progress we made

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Lubov Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch commented on their first medal at Four Continents Championships 2017. It's [...]

Marina Zueva: Maia and Alex became closer to Tessa and Scott

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Marina Zueva commented on Shibutani's performance at Four Continents Championships and also gave a little comment about [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017: check-in

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Four Continents Championships starts soon, so welcome to Korea! When it comes to photo with the luggage no one can [...]

The Chanpion is back

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Patrick Chan wins the Four Continents Championships with a phenomenal skate of a free program. Skating last, [...]

Four Continents Championships: ladies short

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Before the Four Continents Championships have started I thought that ladies results will be easy to predict - Gold and [...]

Waltzes in Taipei [video]

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The Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2016 started with short dance. Ice dancers took this competition [...]