“Sasha asked to make a gala program for her. She wanted something special.” Dmitri Mikhailov about joint performance with Alexandra Trusova

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Dmitri Mikhailov

Alexandra Trusova and Dmitri Mikhailov (coach in Angels of Plushenko) performed together at the show in St. [...]

Dmitri Mikhailov: “I don’t judge Trusova’s strong reaction. She used to say “I’ll do five quads and I’ll be the first.” Imagine what a disappointment comes when it turns out that this is not so.”

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Dmitri Mikhailov

Interview with Dmitri Mikhailov, one of the leading coaches of the Plushenko's Academy. Mikhailov told what was the [...]

Dmitri Mikhailov: “Sasha did not lose the Russian Nationals. The man lost when he gave up, and this is definitely not about Sasha Trusova.”

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Dmitri Mikhailov

Interview with Dmitri Mikhailov. About coaching Alexandta Truova and results of the Russian Nationals 2021. source: [...]