Daria Usacheva: “The first days after the injury, I felt guilty and upset that I lost the opportunity to get to the Grand Prix Final. But I want to compete this season and will do my best for this.”

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Daria Usacheva told about her injury and promised to do everything possible to recover from a serious injury before [...]

Stanislava Konstantinova: “The worst thing you can do trying to defend Daria Usacheva is to start blaming her coaches”

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Stanislava Konstantinova

Russian skater Stanislava Konstantinova talks about Daria Usacheva's injury, quads in the short program and figure [...]

“I won’t say that it’s the coaches fault – the girls themselves put the cart before the horse, because of this competition” choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov about Daria Usacheva’s injury

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The choreographer of the Eteri Tutberidze group, Alexei Zheleznyakov, about the condition of Daria Usacheva, who got [...]

Daria Usacheva is diagnosed with a trochanteric fracture of the hip

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According to Match TV, the preliminary diagnosis of the Russian figure skater Daria Usacheva is a trochanteric [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [22.10-29.10.2021]

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“On the Ice” Carolina Kostner View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carolina [...]

Daniil Gleikhengauz: “We pull Alena out, but she loves to drag herself back”

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Interview with Daniil Gleikhengauz about the interim results for "Khrustalny" team. source: sport-express.ru dd. [...]

Daniil Gleikhengauz: “Alena Kostornaia got her long-awaited blues”

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Daniil Gleikhengauz about short programs for Alena Kstornaia, Daria Usacheva and Maia Khromykh for the Olympic [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [05.02-12.02.2021]

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“On the Ice” Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker Keegan Messing Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan [...]

Daniil Gleikhengauz: “Combination is not a quadruple jump, it had to be done”

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Daniil Gleikhengauz about Anna Scherbakova's and Daria Usacheva's performances at the third stage of the Russian Cup [...]

Daniil Gleichengauz: The program should be remembered by the performance of the athlete

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Interview with Daniil Gleichengauz summed up the results of the Junior Worlds, told how the programs are born, why the [...]