“There’s nothing new, just skaters of a certain age who have ‘waited their turn’ and are fighting for some medals.” Russian ice dancer David Narizhny on international ice dances

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Translation of Irina Khavronina's and David Narizhny's comments about ice dance performances in the current [...]

Barbara Fusar-Poli: “It’s challenging to compete with Montreal Academy, they are a true powerhouse. They have so many duos, so many coaches, so many judges. To surpass them, you have to be a head and shoulders above.”

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Interview with Barbara Fusar-Poli for Russian media. About the transfer of Dario Cirisano and his prospects in pair [...]

Marco Fabbri: “To be honest, we came to the World Championships with the hope of taking a medal, and bronze was the ultimate dream. The fact that we came in second is just a shock.”

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Italian ice dancer Marco Fabbri about winning silver medal at the 2023 World championships. View this post [...]

Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri: “We haven’t decided yet whether we’ll stay until the next Olympics. That would be great but we don’t want to stay in sports just because of the home Olympics.”

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Italian dance duo Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri shared their emotions after winning the European Championships in [...]

Marco Fabbri: “Probably we expected a bit higher scores. But we understand that each competitions are judged differently, and 82 points at different competitions mean different things.”

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Italian figure skater Marco Fabbri, who performs in a duet with Charlene Guignard, commented on their performance of [...]

“Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier deservedly won, although they skated without brilliance. They looked brighter during the Grand Prix stages.” Rostislav Sinicyn about GP Final

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Czech coach Rostislav Sinicyn spoke about the Grand Prix series. View this post on Instagram A [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [17.09-24.09.2021]

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“On the Ice” Javier Fernandez View this post on Instagram A post shared by Javier [...]

Skate America 2018 review

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I think I should make some changes in my CV and lits "figure skating" as my "bad habit". It's addictive and it for sure [...]

Rostelecom Cup 2017 review

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The big season has started and I'm ready to share my impressions about Rostelecom Cup. Lyrical digression. Japanese [...]

Lombardia Trophy 2017 review

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What I was doing this weekends.....? Of course I was watching figure skating. Lombardia Trophy to be exact. So I'm [...]

European Championships 2017 review: ice dance

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photo by ohtheseskaters.tumblr.co

I've already shared my impression from pairs and ladies at European Championships 2017, now it's time for ice [...]

Rostelecom Cup 2016: live impressions

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This time I decided that Rostelecom cup is one of my best chances to watch figure skating of such level live. So, I [...]

Skate America 2016 review

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Sorry for delay, I had to sleep after Skate America) Because I had  8 hour time-difference with Chicago and I spent [...]

Italian skaters showed their programs

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With all those Russian test skates and ice dance drama I completely forgot about B-event Lombardia Trophy, where both [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [24.07-31.07]

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This week skaters posted a lot of great photos! Enjoy! As usually, I'll start from photos on the ice and workouts in [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 2

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Some top skaters decided to attend the Golden Spin of Zagreb (the last event of ISU Challenger Series), we had a free [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 1

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Golden Spin of Zagreb again "pleases" us with quality of organization. On-line result table is barely works, the stream [...]

Ice dance drama. Free dance

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For ice dancers the second day at Rostelecom Cup 2015 was no less dramatic. Ksenia Monko Kirill Khaliavin had to [...]

Ice dance drama. Short dance

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Competition of ice dancers at Rostelecom Cup promised to be extremely exciting! The fight for the first place between [...]