New pair Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov

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After public announcment that Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov won't skate together anymore, in social networks appeared [...]

Betina Popova: our ways parted

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As now it's officially announced two Russian ice dance teams splitted up - Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov and Betina [...]

Yanovskaya Mozgov splitted up

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There were a lot of rumours that pair Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov is no longer exists, but now it's official. Anna [...]

World Junior Championships. Costume review: short dance

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I always expect a lot from ice dancers' costumes, because their ideas are not to limited by jumps and high lifts. They [...]

Junior Grand-prix. Costumes review: free dance

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We know the winners at the Junior Grand-prix in Barcelona but who will will the fashion medals? See my trandy [...]

Junior Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: short dance

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Here is my fashion results of the short dance at Junior Grand-prix Final 2015 in Barcelona. №6 Anastasia Skoptcova - [...]

Junior Grand-prix Final preview

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First of all I want to say thank you to ISU for their decision to have a Junior Grand-prix Final together with seniors. [...]

Best dresses from JGP in Riga | Ice dance

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Best dresses from short dance at JGP in Riga. Who was the most stylish among ice dancers? Emily Day and Kevin Leahy [...]

ISU JGP Riga Cup 2015 preview

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Second isu grand prix for juniors starts soon. Thank to the ISU we have great opportunity to watch the event live in [...]

Beautiful ice dancing lift

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Russian ice dancers Betina Popova and Yuri Vlasenko have shown this beautiful lift during junior test skates. I [...]