“Annabelle left upset, saying, “How are you going to work here?” But did we really need to go to the USA for training?” David Narizhny about the breakup with Annabelle Morozov

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Interview with David Narizhny about the breakup of their pair with Annabelle Morozov. View this post on [...]

Annabelle Morozov about breakup with her partner: “It is pointless to make long-term plans when there is no mutual understanding within the pair. Sooner or later, everything will break anyway.”

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Interview with Annabelle Morozov about the breakup with David Narizhny. View this post on Instagram [...]

“David refused to prepare for the Russian Nationals in America. This was the reason for the breakup.” Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny splitted up

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Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny splitted up. Comments from their coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov. [...]

“I don’t remember Ukranian language at all. We were only forced to speak Ukrainian at school. All textbooks were on it. But we spoke Russian.” Devid Narizhny, partner of Annabelle Morozov

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Russian dance duo Annabelle Morozov and Devid Narizhny told how to pronounce and spell their names correctly. [...]

Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny: “There are no plans to change citizenship.”

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Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny said that they did not plan to change sports citizenship, and also shared [...]