Alexander Zhulin: “Sending the strongest Russian figure skater to compete for another country would result in a sharp drop in her scores by 20-30 points because of the current attitude towards Russians.”

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Translation of Alexander Zhulin's comments about the results in women's single skating at the European Championships [...]

Anastasia Gubanova: “After the surgery, I almost had to learn how to walk again. But I wasn’t going to give up and was ready for anything to enter the season in a normal state.”

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Interview with Georgian single skater Anastasia Gubanova. View this post on Instagram A post [...]

Anastasia Gubanova: “I like a lot of skaters, I like someone’s skating, someone’s jumps. But I cannot help but note that Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is a great inspiration to all of us.”

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Georgian figure skater Anastasia Gubanova spoke about her plans for the second half of the season, her programs and [...]

Junior Russian Championships 2016. Ladies short [video]

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While all the eyes are on US and Canadian National Championships it's a time for Junior National Championships in [...]

First event of Russian Cup, Samara 2015

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Usually I'm not so into the national cups, but it's beginning of the season and such small competition some skaters can [...]