Alisa Efimova: “We believed we can win a medal at the Europeans this time it didn’t work out. But small bronze medal for the short program is also very valuable.”

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Interview with pair skater Alisa Efimova about European Championships where Alisa and her partner Ruben Blommaert [...]

Alisa Efimova: “At the 2009 European Championships here in Finland, I was a flower girl and I thought that I will never be among these incredible athletes who competes here.”

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German figure skater Alisa Efimova, who skate in a pair with Ruben Blommaert about difficult times in her career in a [...]

Alisa Efimova: “For more than six months I was looking for options to continue skate for Russia, but I never found. My patience reached its limit and I decided: either I use the chance to skate with Blommaert, or that’s it.”

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Interview with former Russian pair skater Alisa Efimova who now represents Germany and skates with Ruben [...]