Alexei Urmanov: “I don’t give a damn about Russian figure skaters, I’m here at the World Championships. Of course I will watch it.”

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Alexei Urmanov about World Championships and absence of Russian skaters there. photo Pavel Lisicin / RIA source: [...]

“Liza is the most experienced skater in our team, which is great! Because to finish with the sport at the age of 18 … Probably it’s too early.” Alexei Urmanov wished girls to take Tuktamysheva as an example and prolong their careers.

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Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov wished Russian figure skaters to take Elizaveta Tuktamysheva as an example and prolong [...]

“Yuzuru Hanyu will not become an Olympic champion for the third time in a row, but Nathan Chen may also be left without a gold medal.” Alexei Urmanov about upcoming Olympics

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov, Olympic Champion and coach about upcoming Olympics, raising the age minimum and [...]

Alexei Urmanov: “Athlete musn’t find motivation. If athlete doesn’t have motivation, he should take a rope and hang himself on a chandelier. If you lose motivation, finish your career.”

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov. The Olympic champion assess the prospects of our single skaters and explained why [...]

Evgeni Plushenko:”I’m for longevity in sports, not for one-time success – when someone made a splash and ran away.”

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Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeni Plushenko, Inna Goncharenko, Alexei Urmanov and Alexei Mishin about the proposal of the Norwegian Skating [...]

Alexei Urmanov: It’s impossible to talk about the competition of 15-year-old girls with 25-year-olds

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov about possible changes in the rules, Olympics and Julia lipnitskaya. After Alina [...]

Alexei Urmanov: Not everyone can stand the test of fame and move on

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We haven't heard anything about Julia Lipnitskaia recently, so I thought that small comment from her coach Alexei [...]

Alexei Urmanov: no one leaves Julia in this difficult situation

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Julia Lipnitskaya's performance at Rostelecom cup was heartbreaking. There's no clear information what actually [...]

Lipnitskaya is back to trainings

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julia lipnitskaya photo

Julia Lipnitskaya began the next stage of preparation for the new season - on Monday 13th she came to the ice for the [...]

Alexei Urmanov: Julia is a professional with a capital letter

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Translation of an interview with Alexei Urmanov. About Sochi, young skaters and coaching and of course Julia [...]