“I don’t see anything surprising about it. If you were in their situation, wouldn’t you consider trying it?” Russian specialists on the rumor that Davis/Smolkin got a release and will represent Georgia

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Russian specialists commented on the rumor that Davis/Smolkin got a release from the Russian Skating Federation and [...]

Alexander Lakernik: “The development of club sports in figure skating is a virgin field with lots of opportunities. In this case, athletes represent not their countries but their clubs, which is not prohibited at all.”

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Interview with Alexander Lakernik, ISU honorary vice-president. Lakernik assessed the level of the World Championship [...]

Alexander Lakernik: “It’s important how long will it take the ISU to understand that without Russians it can be good only at the beginning.”

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Interview with Honorary Vice President of the International Skating Union (ISU) Alexander Lakernik. About ban of [...]

“This’s wrong decision, unfair, very disappointing. All this decisions are aimed at oppressing Russian skaters.” Russian coaches and functionaries on losing spots at senior and junior Worlds

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Russian coaches and functionaries commented on losing spots at senior and junior world championships of the 2022/2023 [...]

“Various insinuations have already begun. It might be beneficial for someone to do this. ” Russian coaches, specialist and officials about possible problem with doping testing for one of the Russian skater.

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According to Inside the games, the medal ceremony of figure skaters was postponed due to problems with doping testing [...]

Alexandr Lakernik: “It would be unfair to choose the finalists based on the results of performances at the Junior Grand Prix only, so we will look for other options.”

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The Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) announced that Russian figure skaters will missed the first two stages of [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: “If we have the opportunity to host the World Championships in Russia, we will host it brilliantly! No one holds championships better than us!”

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At the end of December, the Swedish Figure Skating Federation announced the cancellation of all national competitions [...]

Alexander Lakernik: “Eteri and Russia in general will cope with rising the age minimum. But many other countries …”

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Alexander Lakernik commented on the results of the Russian Cup, raising the age minimum and criticism from the [...]