Adian Pitkeev retired from single skating

Posted on 2017-06-27 • 12 comments

Adian Pitkeev confirmed the ending of his career in single skating: I was finishing with the sport this year already [...]

Elena Buyanova: In sport everything is fleeting

Posted on 2017-05-18 • 2 comments

Partly translation of Tatjana's Flade interview with Elena Buyanova (I skipped the part about bulding of the new ice [...]

Eteri Tutberidze: During the work pity does not help

Posted on 2017-05-06 • 13 comments

Translation of Andrei Simonenko's interview with Eteri Tutberidze. About bringing up a champion, huge role of parents [...]

Adian Pitkeev withdrew from Grand Prix

Posted on 2016-09-15 • No comments yet

According to Elena Buyanova Adian Pitkeev has to postpone the start of competitive practice in the current season due [...]

Ilia Averbukh: Russia should return the lost positions in ice dance

Posted on 2016-05-28 • No comments yet

Ilia Averbukh summed up the results of this season, discussed the prospects of Russian figure skaters for the next [...]

Elena Buyanova: In sports no one owes nothing to nobody

Posted on 2016-04-16 • 2 comments

Interviews made by Elena Vaitsekhovskaya are always a great pleasure to read. She has such a deep knowledge and [...]

Adian Pitkeev: I don’t want read 50 shades of gray

Posted on 2016-02-11 • No comments yet

Now Russian Figure skating Federation have its own blog at one of the Russian sports portals. Here they post some [...]

Russian Nationals 2016. Men short program

Posted on 2015-12-24 • No comments yet

Today the Russian National Championships has started. Men's short program have finished with quite surprising [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 2

Posted on 2015-12-06 • 2 comments

Some top skaters decided to attend the Golden Spin of Zagreb (the last event of ISU Challenger Series), we had a free [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 1

Posted on 2015-12-04 • No comments yet

Golden Spin of Zagreb again "pleases" us with quality of organization. On-line result table is barely works, the stream [...]