Stephane Lambiel helped Mikhail Kolyada in preparation for new season

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All past season I was hoping that someone will save Mikhail Kolyada from that choreo catastrophe that was called  “programs”. Oh and costumes too. When I saw photos of Mikhail Kolyada and Stephane Lambiel together on ice I was so happy! Misha deserves good programs, he’s a very talented skater and Stephane could be a great choice of choreographer for him. Oh…dreams….

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When the heat wave hits you, no better place than @palladiumdechampery! Thanks @mikhail_kolyada for your great energy!

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According to Mikhail’s coach Valentina Chebotareva Stephane helped only with step sequences:

Our choreographer Olga Klyushnichenko did new programs for Misha. In June they went to Switzerland to work with Stephane Lambiel on step sequences.

Well, let’s try to stay positive and hope for the best. For better programs and better costumes for Mikhail Kolyada.


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One response to “Stephane Lambiel helped Mikhail Kolyada in preparation for new season”

  1. Belu says:

    Yes, we hope so!!! Better programs and costumes, please. This super talented boy deserves more. I was also so so so happy when I saw the picture of Lambiel and he, it was like a scream of “finally!!!!” haha!

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