State of Russian ice dance drama [30.06.2017]

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What to do on hot summer Friday? Take a glass of something refreshing and join me in my weekly review of Russian ice dance.

The main diva of Russian ice dance Tatiana Navka looks damn gorgeous!

Tatiana Navka

Ok, let’s come down to earth)

Ekaterina Bobrova reported that they completed a two-week marathon of working with choreographer Radu Poklitaru 6hours per day.

Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev

Seems Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin haven’t posted all their weird black and white photos yet…..How much are left? Just wondering)

Alexandra Stepanova Ivan Bukin

Oh no…..weird poses moved to ice……

Alexandra Stepanova Ivan Bukin

Now all team Zhuk has a training camp in Novogorsk. Anna Yanovskaya was also spotted there.

Anastasiya Shpilevaya, Grigory Snmirnov, Anna Yanovskaya, Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin:

By the way, June 26 Anastasiya turned 18! Congratulations!

Anastasiya Shpilevaya

For sure Grigory Smirnov is a new diva of Russian ice dance)

Grigory Smirnov

Another young pair Diana Davis (Eteri Tutbetidze’s daughter) and Fedor Varlamov

Diana Davis

Victoria Sinitsina: weekends at the country house

Victoria Sinitsina

Vasilisa Davankova and her husband Nikolai Morozov at Florent Amodio’s training camp. Her partner Anton Shibnev wasn’t spotted there…..Do they ever still skating together? Ah…who cares)

Vasilisa Davankova Nkolai Morozov

Ruslan Zhiganshin is still in St.Petersburg. There are a lot of rumours around him. The most ridiculous I’ve heard is that he’s switching to pair skating. Well it’s Russian ice dance so you never know)

Ruslan Zhiganshin

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16 Responses to “State of Russian ice dance drama [30.06.2017]”

  1. Crabe93 says:

    I was in Vaujany because my brother was at Amodio summer camp. We were eating at a restaurant and there were Morozov and his wife at another table… It shocked me how she was young, because at first I didn’t saw Morozov and when I recognised him I was surprised. Btw, I saw Weaver/Poje in the ice as well as Anabelle Morozov and his partner, but there wasn’t Anton Shibnev… Well, ice dance, ice dance… :)

    • Gy says:

      There’s a rumor Shibnev is skating with…

      Drum roll….

      Elena Ilinykh.

      • FS Gossips says:

        I also heard that. Well *rolling my eyes* desperate move from Elena. But the drama must go on.

        • Crabe93 says:

          I don’t understand how she continue to succeed in finding new partners again and again… But that’s good to maintain the drama :)

          • Noob says:

            Shibnev isn’t exactly a catch. If anything, it shows just how diminished Elena’s reputation is.

            • FS Gossips says:

              There are no avaliable partners waiting for her. Who would like to risk and start everything from a scratch?

              • Gy says:

                And there won’t be. I mean, Bagin is a better choice of a partner. Why not him? Why not Bazin who has more than once tried to find a new partner? Yuri Vlasenko? There are various European options as well.

                The word around all the coaches not named Kustarova or Alexeeva is that Elena is viewed as more trouble than she’s worth. I’m sure no one has problems inviting her for a masterclass or two but no one wants to spend everyday dealing with her various dramas and flights of fancy and her mental walkabouts.

          • Gy says:

            I think it’s more a testament to how far people have moved on. I mean, Shibnev isn’t exactly a catch and if that’s the best she can do, even on short notice?

    • FS Gossips says:

      Rumour has it Anton Shibnev may soon have a new partner) A famous one.

      • Crabe93 says:

        I think that skating with Davankova may be a difficult situation since her “special relation” with the coach. Isn’t there a danger that Morozov would take more care of Vasilisa than her partner ?

        • FS Gossips says:

          Why? It’s not single skating, they’re not competitors they’re pair. If Morozov wants his wife be successful, he should pay a lot of attention to her partner too.
          But I guess the main reason is that Vasilisa is no longer really interested in skating and competing.

          • Crabe93 says:

            Yeah, you’re right about Morozov’s attention. I hadn’t previously seen the matter in that way :)

            I hope Vasilisa will find a happy life after skating… ( Well, she already seems very happy already, isn’t she ? :))

  2. Gy says:

    Ruslan could simply just be working as a skating skills coach. Most of the top groups in Russia have an ex-ice dancer as part of the team – Buyanova (Zavozin), Tutberidze (Gleygenkhuz), Dmitriev (Komolov), Tsareva (Adoniev), Rukavitsin (Molotov). A

    Or he could be learning pairs skills for show skating

  3. Mad for Skating says:

    Ah, Stepanova and Bukin are in fact taking the modern-dance moves to the ice. I hope they know what they’re doing…

    I’d love to see Ruslan in pairs but how is he supposed to learn jumps at this age? That doesn’t sound promising.

  4. jimmbboe says:

    Awesome photos! Thanks much!

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