State of Russian ice dance drama [29.12.2017]

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Time to check what happened in Russian ice dance.

Ekaterina and Dmitri won their 7th national title.

Bobrova Soloviev

I don’t know whether it’s a photo from the closing banquet or not, but Katya looks lovely!

Ekaterina Bobrova

Photo with the winners.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin

Stepanova Bukin

Have you noticed Ivan‘s new hairstyle?

Ivan Bukin

Tiffany Zahorski with presents from the fans.

Tiffany Zahorski

Noted, nail art in style of national flag brings luck)

TIffany Zahorski

Tiffany and John live radio broadcast

New Year’s holidays in Zhulin’s group. Last practice in 2017.

Victoria and teddy bear from the fans

Victoria Sinitsina

I think Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov have one of the best gala programs this season (among Russian skaters), I like when skaters do creative programs for gala, not just skate  part from their SP/FP to different music.

Popova Mozgov

Alla Loboda again looks much better on photo then on ice.

Alla Loboda

Pavel Drozd: last weekends in St.Petersburg

Pavel Drozd

These weekends in Athens

Pavel Drozd

Who missed Anastasia and Grigory?

Shpileveya Smirnov

and the main diva of Russian ice dance – Tatiana Navka

Tatiana Navka

previous episode [15.12.2017]


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