State of Russian ice dance drama [19.05.2017]

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My new Friday tradition: take a cup of coffee (ok, whom I’m fooling, a glass of wine/cognac/whatever) and enjoy the Russian ice dance drama.

Let’s see what happened this week.

America has its black Thursday, Russian ice dance has its own. Thursday, May 18, 2017 HE quitted.  Ilinykh/Zhiganshin is history.  No interviews, no comments……yet.

Elena Ilinykh. Perhaps, reading figure skating forums:

Elena Ilinykh

But holy land is never empty. Tiffany and Jonathan left Zhulin and joined group of Kustarova/Alekseeva as their No.1 senior team.  New life, new color.

Tiffany and Jon

Another hairstyle’s news. Victoria Sinitsina renewed her brown color. Nice, but blonde is better.

Victoria Sinitsina

Pavel Drozd cut his curls( I’m crying……

Pavel Drozd

Vacation time. Ivan Bukin is on vacation with his girlfriend in Montenegro

Ivan Bukin

Alexandra Stepanova in Dubai

Alexandra Stepanova

Alexandra Stepanova

Grigory Smirnov

Grogori Smirnov

Gregory Smirnov

Have you noticed the similarity of the landscapes?)

Oh yes, they’re on vacation together

Alexandra Stepanova Grigory Snirnov

Should we start suspecting something? Should Bukin start worrying? It’s Russian ice dance, so you never know!)

While others are changing their hair styles, on vacation, splitting up, Ekaterina and Dmitri are making some useful connections by meeting the Prime-minister.

Ekaterina bobrova Dmitri Soloviev

All is fair in love, war and ice dance ;)

Even after retirement ice dancers continue to look fabulous. Oksana Domnina, Roman Kostomarov and their daughter Anastasiya:

Roman Kostomarov, Oksana Domnina

Russian ice dance – it’s never boring)

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7 Responses to “State of Russian ice dance drama [19.05.2017]”

  1. Gy says:

    it’s kinda hilarious to see people talking about new partners for Elena, as if a Scott Moir/Guillaume Cizeron twin exists somewhere, toiling in obscurity, waiting to be discovered by the lovely Elena. I’m sorry, there isn’t. And someone who is serious about a partner would still be going to the rink every day to keep their skills up, not smoking with the “Brat Pack”.

    Also, have you seen this? Seems, sports journalists think she is a joke now.

    • FS Gossips says:

      The situation is there are no Moir/Sizeron available, there are not even partners of Ruslan’s level avaliable now. Maybe there will be after Olympics. Who knows, maybe Bobrova will finish her career and Soloviev will decide to stay. Who knows. But a year is a long term for skater who can’t keep the shape even in competing mode.

      It’s an old video about her beauty blog.

      • Gy says:

        And there won’t be Moir/Cizerons. I really don’t think any partnerships are in such a sorry state that the male will dump his current partner for Elena, even after the Olympics.

        Yes, I know that’s old, but it is interesting. Not only because journalists were mocking her, but also her condition. Her fans were saying at this time she was in great shape and getting ready in case they went to worlds. But she looks very out of shape here.

  2. michaella says:

    First of all, thank you so much for all of your amazing postings. I had lots of fun to read them. I really have no idea why I haven’t found your blog till now. I’m in US but my husband speaks natively Russian (but not from Russia). He is being so lazy about translating russian news or comments about figure skating when I ask, so I am very happy to find your blog and read many interesting news even during the off season. Thank you for your time and efforts!!

    p.s. I agree, russian ice dance is never boring, always curious what would happen next!

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