State of Russian ice dance drama [12.01.2018]

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It’s Friday and Russian ice dance drama is back!

I really hate that vocals in Stepanova/Bukin’s free dance…… but Alexandra  is definitely one of the most beautiful ice dancers in the world. So this season I prefer to see her on photos). Some photos from the gala after Russian nationals:

Stepaova Bukin

Stepanova Bukin

and a lovely photo from a photoshoot:

Stepanova Bukin

Sergei Morzov has read all discussions about ice dance on forums:

Sergei Mozgov

Sergei found out that each pair should promote itself by showing chemistry…..and decide he and Betina need to take a romantic photo

Betina Popova Sergei Mozgov

If you’re planning a trip to European Championships, Tiffany Zahorski warns – it’s snowing in Moscow, don’t forget to take warm clothes.


But there’re some lucky people for whom it’s warm and sunny.

Pavel Drozd in Athens:

Pavel Drozd

Elena Ilinykh’s ex(?) partner Anton Shibnev in the Caribbean Islands

Anton Shibnev

Elena Ilinykh in Sochi

Elena Ilinykh

But don’t relax, Tatiana Navka is still in great shape)

previous episode [05.01.2018]


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